Their piece of the pie’s gone, let them eat cake


Feb. 17, 1954

Mrs. Bertie Cummins of Denison, who answers her phone at Hardwicke-Etter

Co., wonders why many of her callers hang up immediately after she says: “Hardwicke-Etter.”

The fact is, she sings out the firm’s name, and lots of folks call the number just to hear that cheerful melody. It’s one way, they figure, to start the day off right.

There wasn’t enough pie to go around at the Chamber of Commerce banquet here Tuesday night. The surprising, bulging attendance was a tribute to the accomplishments of the Bonham chamber, but it made magicians of the kitchen help. There was enough provender for the expected 300 guests, but fully 400 persons from Fannin and Grayson counties showed up for the event.

The cooks were forced to lop off a little food here and there to make up the extra plates, but they couldn’t do anything at all with the pie. They tried slicing the slices, but if you slice a slice twice, there really isn’t much pie left.

So the stragglers at the edge of the room and out in the hall had none.


Feb. 17, 1964

A relic from Sherman’s colorful past stands in the Oriental Hotel on East Mulberry St. The hotel is owned by Mrs. Thelma Ussery, the daughter of Charles Ussery who barbered Sherman’s first modern barber shop back in the 1870s. It is the old barber’s marble top bar that now adorns the front hall. Carved out of golden oak, it stands 10 feet tall, 12 feet wide.

In those days a barber shop was more than a barber shop. On Saturday men came for bath day and with baths being a rare luxury the shop’s five baths stayed full all day. In addition to their shave and haircut, barbers performed minor surgeries like lancing boils.

When the family moved, in 1916, they built the Oriental Hotel moving the bar.


Feb. 17, 1974

Denison strangled the second-half Jinx, which had bugged them all season and almost did the same to Sherman before dropping a 55-43 decision.

Sherman, the District 13-AAA king, had to fight for its life in the final period after Denison rallied from as much as a 20-point deficit to within striking distance in the final minutes.

The Bearcats were forced to go into stall game in order to hold off the charging Jackets, and only a pair of clutch field goals with two minutes to go kept Denison from catching the Sherman team which recorded a 13-1 district mark.


Feb. 17, 1984

Sack lunch in hand, David, a Denison man, heads for work on the beige van with his co-workers. Today, he will assemble pieces to a children’s game. Cheerful banter mixes with music wafting from a stereo in the factory room.

The Grayson County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Workshop employ David and his co-workers. David is a model worker, say his supervisors noting his friendly nature, good production and attendance.

David likes his job because he is among friends and receives a fair wage and vocational training.

“I’m proud of them. They’re an asset,” says Leona York, supervisor, “To me they’re not handicapped at all.”

Most recently they acquired a contract with TI for two years worth of work. The workers will assemble washers on a screw and insert it into a Teflon strip. This strip is used in radar installations throughout the U.S.