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Stocked and ready to go

Megan Mercer, from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas, unloads catfish to place in the pond at Waterloo Lake in Denison Thursday afternoon. Mercer released nearly 1,500 fish between the pond and the lake on Thursday.

Summer safety photos can be illusive

The subject is summer safety. The hard part of that is that it seems that most people around here have decided that staying indoors is the key to staying safe in the summer. As the temperatures quickly rise to the 100 degree mark who can really blame them.

Gardener welcomes visitors to sea of irises

With shovel in hand, Woody Keas looks over his garden containing more than 2,000 different varieties of irises Tuesday morning in Sherman. The American Iris Society recently chose Keas garden to host their 2014 National Convention. Over 250 people from all over the country came to the event to see the Irises and talk about the plant. For those interested in growing their own irises and are looking for some help Keas suggests contacting the Texoma Rainbow Iris Society at .

Location can make or break a picture

You may remember these clouds from a few weeks ago. I think they were the first real strong formations of this spring season. We had been at the store shopping when we walked out to see them and at least a dozen people in the parking lot taking pictures with their phones.