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DONNA HUNT: Butterfield Stage crossed Red River in 1858

While working on my never-ending project of reorganizing my little home office recently I found a chronology of the history of Grayson County. If I have written about it previously, it was a long time ago and locals may be like me and forget such information. Newcomers might like to know what’s been going on in Grayson County since about 1858 when the Butterfield Stage Line crossed Red River at Colbert’s Ferry into Texas. That’s a long first paragraph and I like shorter sentences.

DONNA HUNT: Cartoons stir memories

Last week while prowling around in an antique store I found a copy of a book that looked interesting. The title of the book is “Texas…the way it used to be” and it was written by Bill McClanahan, a cartoonist for the Dallas Morning News. It was published in 1968 and wasn’t expensive, so I bought it just for the novelty of it.