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Child’s birth put Denison on the map

There probably isn’t a person in Denison who doesn’t know whose birthday the town has been celebrating this past week. There were all kinds of things last weekend and yesterday to honor the person born here 124 years ago. But I probably wouldn’t have thought about writing a column about it, except that I was asked to mention it and give a short talk about it at the Grayson County Historical Society meeting last night.

Sears Street history deeper than just a name change

Had a popular Denison street not undergone a name change in the town’s earliest days, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church would not have been at the corner of Rusk Avenue and Sears Street. It would have been at the corner of Rusk Avenue and Leon Street, yet at the exact location where it is undergoing renovations today.

Local prisoner of war camp remembered

Newcomers to this area and sometimes those who have been around a few years occasionally ask about and are surprised that a Prisoner of War Camp was located just west of the Denison Dam beyond the present spillway area at the end of World War II. The camp was built to house 150 prisoners.

D-Day remembered

We just observed Memorial Day, a time when we remember all the military men and women who have given their lives fighting for their country. There is another military day that we remember every year that took place 70 years ago at Normandy when Operation Overlord, also known as D-Day, signaled the beginning of the end to World War II in Europe.

Recalling the sounds of Zoe Ella Rutherford

Having been at home for the last two weeks recovering from rotator cuff surgery, I have listened to a lot of music and watched a lot of television. With my arm in a sling, there wasn’t a lot more I could do – no driving, no turning my arm in several different directions, no lifting, no typing and lots of other “don’ts.”

Heroes abound

Almost daily we hear about acts of bravery by people who are remembered as heroes. Earl G. Thurman Jr., was one of those people who as a soldier during World War II was honored “For gallantry in action near Abucay Hacienda, Bataan on Jan. 20, 1942.”