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In the years between 1880 and 1959 if you were homeless, orphaned, had no family and were either feeble minded or maybe insane with no place to go, there was a place that became known as the Grayson County Poor Farm that might have been a haven for you.

DONNA HUNT: 1965: A big year of headlines

This really isn’t a “Yesterday” column, but the happenings did take place 50 years ago. My husband and I have observed a 50th wedding anniversary at the end of last week and I have been thinking about all the things that took place about the time we said “I do” and spent out first year of married life.

DONNA HUNT: Speaking of fighters, outlaws and telephones

The Oct. 4, 1925, issue of the Sunday Gazetteer in Denison carried a front page article about a brief visit by Jack Dempsey, champion prize fighter of the world. An article next to it told about The Denison News of September 9, 1877, reporting that the James Boys were in town. There was no connection between the two stories except that they were on the same newspaper front page.

DONNA HUNT: Belle Starr’s wardrobe unusual for its time

In discussing female fashions of Denison’s earliest days in last Sunday’s Yesterday column, we also talked about an appearance on Main Street 40 years earlier of a young woman who attracted a lot of attention because of the way she was dressed. We all know her as the famous Belle Starr, who walked along Main Street dressed appropriately as a cowgirl.

DONNA HUNT: Musings on New Year’s resolutions

If I was going to make a list of New Year’s resolutions to begin 2015, my first would be to be more organized and more prompt in getting my columns written. But since it already is past the middle of January and here I sit writing a column for Thursday’s paper – I missed the deadline for my usual Wednesday space – I would have already screwed up.

DONNA HUNT: The bits of ‘good stuff’

Through the years I’ve written columns about the “stuff” that accumulates on my desk and much of it I have no idea where it came from. Some of it is good “stuff” with good information and some of it is notes I have written at various times impossible to read because I may write gibberish.