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More on entertainment

When I wrote last Sunday’s column I left out two early clubs in Denison and one of the many across Red River. John Crawford reminded me of one and I later remembered the other two.

D-Day remembered

We just observed Memorial Day, a time when we remember all the military men and women who have given their lives fighting for their country. There is another military day that we remember every year that took place 70 years ago at Normandy when Operation Overlord, also known as D-Day, signaled the beginning of the end to World War II in Europe.

Recalling the sounds of Zoe Ella Rutherford

Having been at home for the last two weeks recovering from rotator cuff surgery, I have listened to a lot of music and watched a lot of television. With my arm in a sling, there wasn’t a lot more I could do – no driving, no turning my arm in several different directions, no lifting, no typing and lots of other “don’ts.”

Heroes abound

Almost daily we hear about acts of bravery by people who are remembered as heroes. Earl G. Thurman Jr., was one of those people who as a soldier during World War II was honored “For gallantry in action near Abucay Hacienda, Bataan on Jan. 20, 1942.”

Denison’s first Red Cross canteen recalled

During the days of World War I when soldiers were transported across the United States on trains and troop trucks, there was a small haven in Denison where the soldiers, mostly young men, could grab a sandwich, a piece of fried chicken, a piece of cake, some cookies, a candy bar, a piece of fudge or coffee or a cold drink.

Dr Pepper bottling recalled

From time to time I am asked about the early day bottling companies in Denison and Sherman. Most of the time I cannot locate the information that I know I have. Today I have some of that information in my hands.

A look at businesses of Denison’s past

While thumbing through one of my three ring notebooks trying to decide what this column would be, a headline, “Denison Boasted 40 Saloons in 1890,” jumped out at me. How in the world could there have been 40 saloons in the young town of Denison?

Denison likely to be filled with DHS alumni Wednesday

Fifteen years ago, a group of former Denison High School students got together in Denton and formed an informal group that became known as the Denton Lunch Bunch. On Wednesday, that group and many other former DHS students will be coming home to Denison for their first-ever Lunch Bunch meeting in their home town.

More colorful Denison residents remembered

Recently we wrote a column on the “bad guys” who inhabited Denison for short periods of time. But not all of the colorful characters around town were bad. Some of them were just plain “colorful.” Some of these characters were still around entertaining the citizens with their antics well into the 1960s.

Little bits of Denison history

Brief, one paragraph bits of information were often used as “fillers” in newspapers in the “olden days” before I was working full time at The Denison Herald. Some of them were very interesting, but left you wanting more information about the subject.