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Playoff Live Blog - Leonard vs. Cooper

Stuck inside due to the weather and excited about playoff football on a Monday? Well follow along on the Live Blog as Leonard and Cooper battle for a spot in the state semifinals this afternoon at Royse City or follow me on Twitter @JasonDellaRosa.

Game Recap - Denison vs. Sulphur Springs

I have to imagine Denison fans are sick of seeing Sulphur Springs. The Wildcats have become a staple of the Jackets’ schedule in the past decade and outside of a region final victory in 2009 to propel Denison into the state semifinals, things don’t normally end well for the black and gold side. When Denison had made it to the playoffs in 2008 after a three-year absence, the Jackets were 12-0 and dreaming big. Sulphur Springs handed them their only loss in the region semifinals and the Wildcats went on to win it all. Fast-forward five years and Denison makes the playoffs after a three-year absence. And again Sulphur Springs is the eliminator, making a trip to the postseason the Jackets had waited so long for come to a quick ending.

Meet the Enemy - Sulphur Springs

Many Yellow Jackets fans are quite familiar with Denison’s bi-district opponent. Sulphur Springs had been a staple of the schedule for five straight seasons before a one-year hiatus and now the teams square off in Friday’s game at Texas A&M-Commerce.