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A Look Through the Area's Past

A LOOK THROUGH THE AREA’S PAST: Easter bunny shows up in local woman’s tub

Just in time for Easter, Mrs. Carrie McBride awoke Sunday morning to find a cottontail rabbit in her bathtub. “I still haven’t figured it out. I have no idea how that rabbit got in. I’ve been the only one here all week or I’d think someone was playing a joke on me,” McBride said.

A LOOK THROUGH THE AREA’S PAST: SCP production of “The Miracle Worker” shows children’s capacities

Newcomer Elizabeth Ivey will portray Helen Keller and veteran performer Nancy Cassady will play the part of Annie Sullivan when the curtain goes up on the Sherman Community Player’s production of “The Miracle Worker.”

A LOOK THROUGH THE AREA’S PAST: Two scouts earn awards for saving family from fire

Myra Kay Miller and Carole Ann Johnson received national honors from the National Camp Fire awards at the council fire in Municipal Ballroom. Myra Kay, daughter of Mrs. W.O. Hopper, received the national life saving honor for saving her grandmother from burning to death in which she received third degree burns on her hands.

A LOOK THROUGH THE AREA’S PAST: U.S. Navy recognizes R.S. Bowlby’s genius (+video)

Last week, the R.S. Bowlby firm in Honey Grove received a one million dollar contract with the U.S. Navy to make stainless steel pantoon floats. Bowlby is the star genius since he is capable of making his own special tooling and complicated machining and forming mechanisms.

A LOOK THROUGH THE AREA’S PAST: Students map out world for 2009 (+video)

The year is 2009. The world’s fossil fuels were totally depleted in 1988. Long term prediction regarding the collapse of agricultural soils through over-use of inorganic fertilizers came to pass four years later. By the turn of the century, millions of urban dwellers had succumbed to the toxic fumes in their city air. Denison High students take on the task of solving the problems of the future by conceptualizing an artificial world for the year 2009.

A look through the area’s past — Chemistry teacher has winning formula for teaching

Sherman High School chemistry teacher Melanie Merideth was rewarded for her work by the Texas Medical Association— one of six teachers around the state to win the 1994 Award for Excellence in Science Teaching. “There are a lot of everyday things you encounter, and it’s chemistry,” Merideth said. “Taking off your mascara is chemistry.”

A look through the area’s past — Mel Derr boasts winning students

The DFW chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing awarded several student vocalists of the Mel Derr studio at the spring auditions. Semi-finalists winners in the high school division were Kari Bagley, Angela Mahon, Jennie Gohlke, Philip Scheibmeir and Alex Stone from Sherman High and Kelly Stone from McKinney High.

A look through the area’s past — Lady hasn’t been to a Sunday school for 39 years

Mrs. Eldon Sewell will soon have the opportunity to attend Sunday School for the first time in 39 years. As church and Sunday School secretary for East Sherman Baptist Church since 1925, Mrs. Sewell has been required to be in the church office each Sunday morning to record class attendance.

A look through the area’s past — Electronic magic allows instant photos

STAFF PHOTO — The picture seen on one machine here was reproduced instantly on the other in the Herald editorial room through electronic wizardry that included a round-trip to Dallas. Bob Jarboe, Associated Press Wirephoto operator, was rushed from Dallas with a special unit to send Lake Texoma storm pictures by telephone from the Herald office to newspapers over five states.

A look through the area’s past — Denison kids like their dam

Den-Run-Dipities— Terrell third graders from Denison who run to interesting places and dip into history— investigated the Denison Dam and Lake Texoma most recently. The dam and the lake was the largest project to boost Denison since 1940 and remains one of the largest tourist attractions, they learned. While visiting, Jane Montgomery, art teacher, instructed a class in watercolors and drawing of the lower side of the dam.