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Stop Signs are Forever

STOP SIGNS ARE FOREVER: The cultural Civil War

There’s something sickly poetic about the northern media telling southerners they’re not allowed to have their Confederate flags anymore. It’s not irony, though I’m sure there’s a good word for it: The North overruling the South on a beloved symbol of the South’s refusal to be ruled. A better writer would know the word.

STOP SIGNS ARE FOREVER: Pot’s for the dogs

Watching the family canine descend into old age is a long, painful odyssey for many pets owners. Standing idly by while Fido licks his arthritic paws — unable to understand why they hurt and ignorant as to the uselessness of the only treatment he knows — can be every bit as frustrating as watching a grandparent struggle with dementia.

STOP SIGNS ARE FOREVER: Change is in the win

I believe the United States Department of Education should be abolished. I believe no one living in Washington can effectively dictate local education policy in my town or any other. And I believe the Department’s $77 billion budget would be better spent if it were given to local school districts — that would be an extra $1,500 for every student in the United States.

STOP SIGNS ARE FOREVER: 22 questions and the catch is one

Typically what I do when I sit down to write my weekly treatise, is to start from a conclusion in my head that I presume to be true — say, that stop signs are generally a lazy and economically inefficient method of traffic control — and then work backward. What basic truths underwrite their inefficiency? Why don’t other people see them that way? Why are they attractive to city leaders, despite their issues?