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Rodriguez lawsuit accomplishes airing of dirty laundry

After reading court documents filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan , it’s hard to determine Alex Rodriguez’s end game from his suit against Major League Baseball, the Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, and the Major League Baseball Players Association. Rodriguez’s legal team says it wants his 162-game suspension for the 2014 season overturned. That seems an unlikely goal.

Houston Oilers fans know pain Dallas Cowboys fans feel

I grew up in Texas City, and was one of the few Houston Oilers fans on my street. When my family moved to Ohio, I celebrated the Love ya Blue years going to see my Oilers in Cincinnati and Cleveland dressed in my Oilers gear to watch Dan Pastorini hand off the football to Earl Campbell. Regular seasons were great. The playoffs – including games with playoff implications – hurt.

Winter storm may hamper newspaper delivery

The Herald Democrat reminds readers that our carriers are working hard to deliver Friday’s newspaper to your door, but because of the winter storm and treacherous road conditions, it may arrive late — and in some cases — it may not be able to be delivered.