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Rethinking spring cleaning

Of all the emotions that can hobble spring cleaning, the worst might be sentimentality. I know, because I’m currently struggling with a bout of it myself. On my bedside table there is, inexplicably, a plush hoot-owl with a scarf and beanie hat that has been doing little except collecting lint and dust and cat saliva since I brought him home. In short, my hoot-owl is adding mess to my house, and if I aim to practice what I am about to preach, I should dispose of him immediately. For it is not dust or grime that is the main enemy of clean, during the spring or otherwise — that dubious honor goes to clutter.

Melissa Etheridge stood out by standing up

The last thing Melissa Etheridge ever imagined for her career was activism. But as a long-sought life in rock ‘n’ roll began to take hold, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter discovered that being herself also meant standing up for herself.

That headache excuse is real: For females, pain kills sexual desire

LOS ANGELES — It’s taken an army of mice (and a group of clever Canadian researchers) to crack open an old sexual chestnut and get at the meat inside: For women, “Not tonight dear, I have a headache” is not a passive-aggressive rebuff to a mate’s sexual invitation (not always, at least). It’s a biological phenomenon with deep evolutionary roots.