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Artist who insists he’s not a feminist has a crowdfunded hit with line of dolls in realistic proportions

Next to regular Barbie — that unrealistically proportioned nemesis of “normal” female bodies everywhere — the more compact stature and rounder curves of “Average Barbie,” created by Greenfield, Pa., artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm, looked like a healthier version of the female form to many who saw it online.

Brothers’ app blocks texting while driving

One of the latest tools targeting the growing problem of texting while driving didn’t come out of Apple, Google or Microsoft. It was the brainchild of two Orlando, Fla.-area entrepreneurs who recently launched a new mobile app called Txt Shield.

Earth Day Trash Fashion Show set for April 26

The Grayson College Fine Arts Department is calling for artists, designers and seamstresses to create and show art clothing and accessories created out of trash and recycled material for the first “Trashion” show, a runway style trash fashion show that is in conjunction with the 2014 Texoma Earth Day Festival in Sherman. The trash fashion show will be held at the Sherman Municipal grounds April 26.