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There are plenty of fish in the sea, so start eating them (+video)

Here’s some scary news about seafood: Most of us are not eating nearly enough of it. A whopping 80 to 90 percent of Americans do not get the recommended minimum of 8 ounces weekly, according to a recent USDA analysis. That means the vast majority of us are not reaping seafood’s health benefits and are probably worse off for it. Eating fish dramatically reduces the chances of dying of a heart attack, improves children’s brain development, slows brain aging, lowers the risk of depression and mood disorders, can help with weight management and more. Then there are seafood’s culinary attributes - it’s one of the quickest-cooking proteins, there is an incredible variety to choose from, and it is the center of many fantastically delicious dishes.

Yardsmart: Seed-grown flowers are the best home improvement bargain. Try these spring blues

Grandmother loved seed-grown flowers that gave her yard a charming cottage garden look for just pennies. Whether gardening on the farm or in the bungalow in town, she didn’t buy her seedlings at the garden center. Instead, she ordered seed through early catalogs. Often she grew them in the “dooryard,” an old term for the small gardens within picket fences where kids and flowers and herbs shared ground. Imagine the joy of fresh-cut flowers in a dark log cabin, sod home or adobe with small windows and candlelight.

Movie review: ‘Zoolander 2’ is a hot mess (+video)

A film cannot live on celebrity cameos alone. But “Zoolander 2” is certainly going to try. Because cameos are low in calories, and “Zoolander 2” hates calories, because they make you fat, and “Zoolander 2” hates fat because it means you’re a terrible person. But not as much as “Zoolander 2” hates male models, who are dumb and useless. This appears to be the thought process of the sequel to the stupid-funny cult comedy of 2001 that parodied the world of fashion, in all of its petty extravagances and vanities. While the first made endearing dim bulb Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) an oft-quoted comedy icon, the too little, too late sequel is definitely not so hot right now.

Players present classic drama with timeless quandaries

The Pulitzer Prize-winning play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof may have been written in the 1950s, but the story line is as relevant today as it was then. It’s a family at odds, splitting apart from lies, deceit, greed, sex, alcoholism, indifference, love, hate, life and death - situations that have plagued mankind from the beginning.