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Meditation finds a niche in Texoma

Scribed across various ancient religious texts, meditation appears to have been a universal spiritual practice. However, most would identify a meditation practice with Eastern religions such as Hinduism and, especially, Buddhism.

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Sunburn isn’t the only sign of summer that can leave you itchy and blistered

You’ve got a rash. You quickly rule out the usual suspects: You haven’t been gardening or hiking or even picnicking, so it’s probably not a plant irritant such as poison ivy or wild parsnip; likewise, it’s probably not chiggers or ticks carrying Lyme disease; and you haven’t been swimming in a pond, which can harbor the parasite that causes swimmer’s itch.

Cantu is photographer of month

Holly Simone Cantu has been named as the August “Photographer of the Month” at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge. A virtual album of 12 of her photos taken at the refuge are now being exhibited at .

P’ETiQuette: Puppies, potties and bad aim

Recently I received a question from a friend with an interesting dilemma. You’d think that a dog would instinctively “go” when placed in the right spot. We’re fortunate that cats seem to have an innate instinct to dig a hole in the litter box, make their mark (so to speak), and bury the waste post haste. But my friend had acquired a puppy with bad aim.

Five generations

Courtesy photo Five generations The Carroll family recently gathered for a five generation photo. Shown are: seated, Bennie Imogene Carroll of Denison holding Luke Blaine Daniel Gurau of Oklahoma City; and clockwise, Adell L. Wiggins of Sherman, Sese Burk and Gina Burk, both of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.