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How climate disasters can drive violent conflict around the world

It’s increasingly clear that the consequences of climate change won’t stop at just heat waves and sea-level rise. Scientists expect numerous social issues to arise around the world as well, such as food shortages, decreased water quality and forced migrations. And many experts now believe that violence, war and other forms of human conflict may be driven or worsened by the effects of climate change.

Fossilized bird feet raise Eocene Epoch mystery

Prehistoric creatures aren’t exactly renowned for their table manners. Most dinosaurs, for example, were incapable of chewing and had to swallow their food whole. But some ancient eaters were messier than others. And in southwestern Germany, something especially sloppy left severed bird feet strewn about a dense fossil boneyard.

Moody earns scholarship

VAN ALSTYNE - Bryce Moody, a 2016 Van Alstyne High School graduate, has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship by the Sister Grove chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The last free-ranging library cat in Illinois

LITCHFIELD, Ill. — Even before you enter the stately limestone library with leaded glass windows and copper-colored trim, you see signs of the local celebrity. Not at eye-level — look lower, and there, hovering in the shadows behind the glass door, are two ice-green eyes, staring up at you with frank curiosity.