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For vegetative patients, a brain scan may detect hope of recovery

In the netherworld that lies between death and full consciousness, some grievously injured or ill patients will remain suspended indefinitely. But others, given time, will eke their way out of the twilight and toward recovery. Accurately predicting which group an apparently vegetative patient falls into could bring comfort, solace and sometimes hope to their families — and also to the patients involved, who may wish to convey they are still “in there,” or may feel pain that is not being addressed.

Aggie Muster in Bonham

BONHAM — The annual Texas A&M University Aggie Muster in Fannin County is set for April 21, 6:30 p.m., in the Derrell Hall Education Center, 2505 North Center in Bonham. Thump Witcher is chairman of the event which includes dinner, a ceremony and guest speaker Jess C. Rickman III. All current and former Texas A&M students, their families and friends are encouraged to attend.

Artist who insists he’s not a feminist has a crowdfunded hit with line of dolls in realistic proportions

Next to regular Barbie — that unrealistically proportioned nemesis of “normal” female bodies everywhere — the more compact stature and rounder curves of “Average Barbie,” created by Greenfield, Pa., artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm, looked like a healthier version of the female form to many who saw it online.

Brothers’ app blocks texting while driving

One of the latest tools targeting the growing problem of texting while driving didn’t come out of Apple, Google or Microsoft. It was the brainchild of two Orlando, Fla.-area entrepreneurs who recently launched a new mobile app called Txt Shield.