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Rethinking spring cleaning

Of all the emotions that can hobble spring cleaning, the worst might be sentimentality. I know, because I’m currently struggling with a bout of it myself. On my bedside table there is, inexplicably, a plush hoot-owl with a scarf and beanie hat that has been doing little except collecting lint and dust and cat saliva since I brought him home. In short, my hoot-owl is adding mess to my house, and if I aim to practice what I am about to preach, I should dispose of him immediately. For it is not dust or grime that is the main enemy of clean, during the spring or otherwise — that dubious honor goes to clutter.

That headache excuse is real: For females, pain kills sexual desire

LOS ANGELES — It’s taken an army of mice (and a group of clever Canadian researchers) to crack open an old sexual chestnut and get at the meat inside: For women, “Not tonight dear, I have a headache” is not a passive-aggressive rebuff to a mate’s sexual invitation (not always, at least). It’s a biological phenomenon with deep evolutionary roots.

Church fundraiser

DURANT — The second annual “Calf Fry,” benefiting the St. William Catholic Church building fund, is set for April 27 at the church, located at the intersection of 8th and University in Durant. Activities begin at noon and continue throughout the afternoon.

An eye for irises

Martha McDowell sets up a display of Irises at the Texoma Rainbow Iris Society’s Iris Show Saturday at the Van Alstyne Senior Center. Each member of the Society entered irises they had grown to be judged by three American Iris Society-accredited judges, said Show Chairwoman Judy Schneider. The show also featured informational displays and irises for sale. The Texoma Rainbow Iris Society meets at 2 p.m. the fourth Sunday of each month at Best Buffet restaurant in Denison.