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Spreading the love of an all-American holiday

Talking about Thanksgiving often brings to mind images of home and family gathered around a table overflowing with good food. However, some students at local colleges won’t be making the trip home, and for some of them, this will be their first celebration of the American holiday.

World’s largest polluters to meet on first day of climate talks (+video)

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will meet with the leaders of China and India on the opening day of talks in Paris to reach an international climate agreement, a symbolic gesture that the White House says underscores the commitment of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases to tackle rising global temperatures.

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James Cameron wants you to fight global warming by changing what you eat (+video)

There are few films more environmentally infused than the highest grossing one in history, “Avatar” - in which a highly militarized mining company seeks to exploit the resources of the rich forest world of Pandora. But less known is how the film’s director, James Cameron, has also used some of the money made from “Avatar” to champion an array of green causes, even as he’s also using clean energy to power the film’s three planned sequels.