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Disabled volunteer gives time to local organizations

June 29—Bruce Bernstein could have given up a long time ago after a devastating car accident 40 years ago left his left side partially paralyzed at the age of 21, but multiple surgeries and his indomitable spirit brought him through those dark days and today he is one of Cooke County’s volunteer heroes.

Why it’s normal not to be happy all the time

Take one look at your Instagram feed and you’ll see it: an abundance of smiling faces and enviable activities. Turn on the TV, open a magazine, glance at a billboard and the results are the same. From ear-to-ear grins to endless laughter, it’s like the whole world is happy all the time.

Gluten doesn’t deserve its bad-for-you reputation

Some people go off gluten because they have gastrointestinal problems. Others because they think it will aid with weight loss. Yet others are convinced that a gluten-free diet is more healthful. By one estimate, almost 1 American in 3 reports cutting down on gluten, a mixture of proteins that is found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye. Yet scientists warn that for most people, this may be a bad idea.

Sauces, rubs and marinades can help create sparks for Fourth of July cookout

Holidays are all about tradition. so little surprise that July Fourth remains the most popular day of the year for grilling. Close to 70 percent of us will be cooking our beloved beef, chicken and fish over gas, charcoal or an open fire on Independence Day, cementing the cookout’s reputation as America’s favorite — and perhaps only — way to celebrate the Fourth.

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The Wedding Expo
The Wedding Expo
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Travel the world via video; and other local news in brief

The “cities of the world” will be explored this month during the Sherman Public Library’s Brown Bag Video Series. The free presentations will be shown each Wednesday in July at noon in the library’s Hope Waller Community Room. Attendees are encouraged to bring a lunch and beverages will be provided by the Friends of the Sherman Public Library.

States Struggle With ‘Hidden’ Rural Homelessness

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — At the Micah Ecumenical Ministries, in the center of this quaint colonial town, Stella Dempsey sits in the waiting room, looking dejected. Ministry staffers offered her a bed at a shelter, but she says she can’t bear to go back. Still, she’s feeling desperate.

How a gym that serves free pizza climbed to the top of American fitness

WASHINGTON — Planet Fitness may be one of the strangest gym chains on earth. Decorated in purple-and-yellow, the gym stocks a plastic jug of free Tootsie Rolls and hosts free “bagel mornings” and “pizza nights” every month. To combat “gymtimidation,” trainers will sound a blaring siren if a member grunts or drops a weight, which they call a “lunk alarm.”