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Tours for parents highlight modern manufacturing

Rows of parts and equipment in various stages of completion lined the corridors of Sherman’s Emerson Process Management assembly plant Thursday night. Each pieces of equipment had a tag describing what stage it was at in the process. For some of those in a group touring the plant Thursday, this was their first experience with local industry.

Contests and Promotions

Grayson County sales tax receipts dip into negative territory; Fannin reports positive numbers

Total sales tax revenue for Grayson County cities dropped into the negative and Sherman rounded out the year in the positive, while Denison dipped several percentage points. On Wednesday, the Texas Comptroller’s Office reported allocations to cities based on sales made in December by businesses that report tax monthly; in October, November and December sales by quarterly filers; and 2015 sales by businesses that report tax annually.

Obama’s final budget shunned by GOP, but offers path for Sanders and Clinton (+video)

WASHINGTON — The final proposed budget of the Obama presidency seeks more taxes on the wealthy, a push to solve the riddle of cancer, a modest slowing of debt and deficits, more spending to defeat Islamic extremists and a renewed focus on cybersecurity.

Robin Chandler Duke, career woman, ambassador’s wife and advocate for reproductive rights, dies at 92

Robin Chandler Duke, who went to work in modeling, in journalism and on Wall Street to support her family, then married a moneyed U.S. ambassador and deployed her social connections and personal charisma in a decades-long campaign for women’s reproductive rights, died Feb. 6 at a retirement community in Charleston, South Carolina. She was 92.

Why ‘Hail, Caesar!’ lost the weekend box office battle (+video)

The Coen Brothers were no match for “Kung Fu Panda.” During its opening weekend, Ethan and Joel Coen’s comedy “Hail, Caesar!” brought in a ho-hum $11.4 million compared to the kiddie movie’s second week take of $21 million. The good news is the budget for “Hail, Caesar!” wasn’t huge, at $22 million. Still, the numbers are a bit of a shock given the much-shared marketing clip of Channing Tatum doing a song-and-dance number, the big-name cast and the rosy reviews.