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The Wedding Expo
The Wedding Expo
Herald Democrat Wedding Expo 2015

Denison bank ups its services with new technology

As technology becomes faster and cheaper, self-service machines have risen in libraries, restaurants and grocery stores. Now, a number of banks are taking their self-service machines to the next level, and it’s happening locally. Landmark Bank in Denison recently added two new enhanced drive-thru machines that allow customers to interact with a bank teller without ever leaving their car. Bank consumers can talk and bank and interact with a live teller using two-way video and audio with these new machines, which allows transactions and banking even after the branch has closed.

Faced with ‘redlining’ accusations, Hudson Bank to pay $33 million, open new branches (+video)

Hudson City Savings Bank opened few branches in black and Hispanic neighborhoods around the New York and Philadelphia regions where it does much of its mortgage business, according to federal prosecutors. It placed few of its loan officers in these communities. It worked with hardly any mortgage brokers there, either. And its marketing was mostly elsewhere, too.