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Yemeni rebels gain ground in vital port city of Aden

SANAA, Yemen — Shiite rebel forces backed by tanks and heavy machine guns pushed deeper into Yemen’s second-largest city on Wednesday in a bid to strengthen their hold even as Saudi-led airstrikes attempt to cut off their supply lines and cripple their capabilities.

Iraqi forces claim last parcels of Tikrit from Islamic State group

IRBIL, Iraq — Iraqi security forces backed by sectarian militias took control of the last Islamic State strongholds in Tikrit on Wednesday, the first successful operation by the government in Baghdad to reclaim a major Sunni Muslim population center since the extremist group took control of most of central, western and northern Iraq last year.

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White House reverses course, releases weapons to Egypt

WASHINGTON — The White House, which halted weapons transfers to Egypt in mid-2013 to protest a military takeover and harsh political crackdown there, reversed course Tuesday and announced a quick infusion of military aid to help Cairo respond to the mounting turmoil in the Middle East.

Germanwings plane’s co-pilot had worried about keeping his job

DÜSSELDORF, Germany — The co-pilot who crashed Germanwings Flight 9525 had consulted with several medical professionals about a vision issue that, coupled with preexisting psychological problems, appeared to give him a growing sense of unease about his ability to keep his job, according to officials familiar with the investigation.

Negotiators race against deadline in Iran nuclear talks

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — Negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program are focused on the pace at which sanctions and restrictions will be eased, diplomats said on Sunday, as Israel’s prime minister predicted that the emerging agreement would help Tehran “conquer” the Middle East.

Plane crash called ‘deliberate’ act

DÜSSELDORF, Germany — The co-pilot of the doomed Germanwings flight locked himself in the cockpit and, with apparent cool precision, deliberately slammed into snow-capped mountains, a French prosecutor said Thursday, in a stunning twist to a tragedy that killed all 150 people aboard.