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Women bear brunt of Ebola in West Africa

As the number of lives claimed by the Ebola epidemic in West Africa rises above 1,000, the rate of infection among women is outpacing that among men because women are the caregivers, nurses and cross-border traders, health officials report.

As Japan marks WWII surrender, Abe avoids controversial shrine

Two Japanese Cabinet members and a group of lawmakers marked the 69th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in World War II on Friday by visiting a Tokyo shrine that China and South Korea regard as a totem to Japan’s militarist past. But Prime Minister Shinzo Abe — whose last trip to the site sparked a downturn in Japan’s relations with Beijing and Seoul — stayed away.

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Israel, Palestinians agree to new cease-fire

JERUSALEM — Israel and the Palestinians were to resume talks in Cairo on Monday after agreeing to a new cease-fire, while a prominent Israeli cabinet member proposed that negotiations be expanded with a view toward eventual peace with all Arab nations.

US begins airdrops to trapped Iraqis

BEIRUT — U.S. cargo planes escorted by fighter jets dropped food, water and other supplies Thursday for tens of thousands of people who fled an advance by Sunni militant fighters in northern Iraq and are stranded on a barren mountain in danger of starvation, U.S. officials said.