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Sen. Cruz rallies GOP against border bill; House delays vacation

WASHINGTON—On a day that was supposed to signal new leadership in the House, Speaker John A. Boehner was plagued with the same old GOP infighting Thursday when he was forced to abruptly cancel a vote to approve $659 million in emergency funding for the border crisis because conservatives — spurred on by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz—rallied against it.

If you litter, Europe’s last dictator may confiscate your car

Belarus’ long-ruling president, Alexander Lukashenko, is sometimes referred to as Europe’s “last dictator.” But while he is frequently criticized abroad, Belarusans are the ones who feel the effects of his laws and policies. According to the state-run news agency BelTA, the president warned of drastic punishments for offenders polluting the environment, including the “confiscation of vehicles.”

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Israeli leader says cross-border tunnels must be destroyed

JERUSALEM — Amid mounting international concern over civilian casualties and demands for an immediate cease-fire, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed Thursday that he would accept no truce that would prevent Israel from demolishing the cross-border tunnels that have become the focus of the ongoing fighting.