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Dog park plan has Sherman’s tail wagging

It’s an empty lot of grass at this point — technically, two empty lots of grass sandwiching one skinny lot of mature trees and a small concrete wall. A 10,836-square-foot island of green surrounded by concrete and asphalt in downtown Sherman. But with a little bit of help from the community, the property on the corner of Wall and Montgomery streets could become something worth panting over.

Austin College enters contest to win sharpened security

Most college students spend their time thinking about work, classes and friends. The security level of their campus probably isn’t something the registers with most college students. It does register, however, with college faculty and staff. That’s why Austin College is looking to advance its security system by entering the Stanley Safer Schools contest.

GC 2015 campaign kicks off

Grayson College’s Foundation will kick off its 2015 “Supporting the Dream” campaign with a piano recital at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Crucce Stark auditorium at GC’s Denison campus.

Contests and Promotions

The Wedding Expo
The Wedding Expo
Herald Democrat Wedding Expo 2015

Grayson College program earns Bellwether nomination

Every year the Bellwether Awards recognize innovative and unique college programs that lead community education towards the future. This culminates in an exclusive event to recognize the best colleges in instructional programs and services; workforce development; and planning, governance and finance.

Walls rise as Emerson begins hiring

Construction crews worked to place the walls of Emerson Process Management’s Sherman plant expansion Tuesday afternoon. The manufacturing company in south Sherman is hiring 22 new employees as part of an $8 million upgrade to its Fisher Controls production line, which creates industrial-strength valves for the energy sector and other producers.

New motorcycle law ensures safety features stay

Nearly five years elapsed between the death of Malorie Bullock — the 19-year-old Tom Bean graduate who was thrown from the back of a friend’s motorcycle in April of 2010 — and the full enactment of a Texas state law named in her honor. House Bill 3838, or “Malorie’s Law,” was passed in 2013 under the sponsorship of Sherman Rep. Larry Phillips, after a lengthy negotiation over what, exactly the law would say.