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S&S discusses concealed handguns in the classroom

SADLER — The Sadler and Southmayd Consolidated Independent School District received public input Monday on its proposed Defender Program. If approved, the program would allow District-authorized staff to carry concealed handguns on campus. The program would serve as an additional level of security at District facilities in the event of an armed intruder on campus grounds, S&S officials said.

Howe ISD to hold budget workshop for 2014-15 school year

HOWE — The Howe Independent School District Board of Trustees will hold budget workshop on Thursday during its regular meeting. The Board will review District goals for the 2014-15 school year. The Board will also review the employee compensation package, and review the preliminary revenue estimates as a part of the workshop. The meeting will be held at the Howe ISD Administration Office, located at 105 W. Tutt St. Items that will be heard, considered, and acted upon include:

Denison School Board appoints department chairs DHS, middle school

The Denison School Board approved the appointment of department chairpersons for the Denison High School and Henry Scott Middle School for the 2014-15 school year, during its monthly school board meeting on Tuesday. The move comes as the district prepares to open its new high school, and move the middle school to the former high school campus.

TxDOT draws focus to work-zone safety

With numerous area roads currently under construction, the Texas Department of Transportation brought its Work Zone Awareness Week display to the Denison Travel Center Friday morning to remind drivers of the increased risks associated with navigating road construction. Last year alone, said TxDOT officials, 17,266 work zone wrecks occured across Texas, causing 115 deaths.

Austin College hosts student leaders of Taiwanese protests

Taiwanese student protesters today ended a 24-day occupation of Taiwan’s Parliament aimed at blocking the passage of a trade agreement with China and in opposition to what students described as undemocratic black-box politics. At least 300,000 Taiwanese people (500,000 by some counts) marched in Taipei this spring to protest a trade deal with China. Those are just the latest in a two-year series of student protests that have become known as the Sunflower Movement, which has the support of thousands in the nation, including politicians of the Democratic Progressive Party. Public opinion polls indicate a majority of people support the student efforts.

Local school districts weigh in on CHL on campus debate

Nearly 18 months after the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, local school districts are looking for ways to improve security on campuses and ensure the safety of students. On Monday, the Sadler Southmayd Consolidated Independent School District will hold a public meeting to discuss potential plans to instate a Defender Program, which will allow staff to voluntarily carry firearms on campus as a preventative measure.