Kelso Technologies opens 40,000-square-foot addition in Bonham

BONHAM — Manufacturing company Kelso Technologies introduced the public to its new, job-creating addition to its Bonham plant in a ceremony Friday.

More than 100 members of the community, including members of the Bonham police and fire departments and local business owners attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Several city officials addressed the audience, including Bonham Mayor Roy Floyd, Bonham Industrial Foundation President Carl McEachern, Fannin County Judge Spanky Carter, State Rep. Larry Phillips and U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall. The top executives of Kelso Technologies, one of whom traveled all the way from Canada, were also in attendance.

Kelso Technologies is a manufacturing company that makes equipment for railroad tank cars, said CEO Neil Gambow. The company formed in the 1980s in Canada, and is currently headquartered in Illinois. According to Gambow, the company had humble beginnings, starting in Vice President of Operations Tom Morgan’s garage in Golbert in 2009; and then expanding to Bonham in 2010. Since then its presence has rapidly grown, thus prompting the site’s expansion.

The addition of the new, 40,000 square foot facility will create 60 jobs, Gambow said. The company also left room on the west side of the building to eventually add 70,000 more square feet and create 100 jobs.

“This building will be mostly for assembly of the products. And we will be doing a lot of welding on the products too to fabricate them,” he said.

“All growing up, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to sit in the dugout of the 1927 Yankees,” McEachern said, “and I got that feeling sitting up here in front with these winners. You guys have done great for Bonham.”

When Judge Carter spoke, he presented a challenge to those at Kelso Technology. He named the top 10 employers in Fannin County, and urged Kelso Technologies to make those ranks. The officials of Kelso Technologies seemed to take the challenge with enthusiasm.

“We’re so proud to be here in Bonham,” Gambow said, “and it looks like we’re going to be here a while.”


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