Sherman Chamber aims to ‘chat up’ tourism

Though the Sherman Chamber of Commerce won’t officially take-over tourism promotion from the city until October, the Sherman City Council’s plan to outsource its promotional efforts is already bearing fruit. In a partnership among the Chamber, local businesses and radio stations KMKT, KLAK and KMAD, the first ever “Chat it up Sherman” advertisement hit local airways Monday morning. The weekly segment will promote local events in an effort to increase tourism visits to Grayson County and keep the community informed.

“The idea was kind of forgotten and then resurrected when tourism came to our office — it was one of those things that had been mentioned on-and-off for a few years and never really came about,” said Chamber Events Coordinator Lauren Roth, who will provide the adverts’ vocals. “It’s something that can be regular and people can look forward to, but also know it’s going to be there every week to look for something to do that weekend. And since we will work out of all three stations, we hit the McKinney/Dallas market as well. So we’re hoping we pull some of that market up to the lake, up to Sherman to participate in events and stay in our hotels. It’s more of a ‘get away for the weekend’ focus.”

The 60-second radio spots will air three times a day each Monday on all three of the Digity Media-owned stations. The company is producing the ads and broadcasting them at a reduced rate, with the monthly bill to be covered by local businesses, each of which will receive a shot-out during the spot.

For Digity General Manager David Smith, the partnership with Sherman represented an opportunity to help out a civic organization while keeping his listeners informed.

“It was something that we’ve spoken about recently — trying to pool our resources together — and it finally happened,” said Smith. “It’s just designed to give the audience an overview of what’s coming up on the calendar, in terms of local events, happenings, any news-worthy items, and we’re really excited about it. … I just think it’s going to give the city a really terrific outlet to communicate with our listeners and citizens of the area, and let them know everything that’s going on that you want to take advantage of and should be in-the-know about.”

In order to pick a name for the segment, the tech-savvy Roth took to social media to solicit nominations.

“We put out a Facebook call, ‘Please help us name this awesome, new radio thing,’ and we actually got a really good response,” said Roth. “(‘Chat it up’) was actually an idea that someone in the community gave to us, and we liked it.”

Chat it up Sherman has been green-lit for a one-year run, said organizers, with the hope it will continue into perpetuity. Roth explained that the weekly advertisement is the first of many steps the Chamber hopes to take in its role as the city’s chief tourism promoter.

“I think it will be a really good opportunity to get the word out about different events — whether they’re Chamber events, tourism events or non-profit events,” said Roth. “We’ll be able to highlight pretty much any community event going on in Sherman.”


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