Sherman Denison set plans for 2040 transportation plan

The Sherman Denison Metropolitan Planning Organization met at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday to discuss the future 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan, or 2040 MTP.

MPO Transportation Planner Karl Welzenbach gave a presentation on the 2040 plans listing goals and objectives for the transportation plan: safety, maintenance and efficiency, congestion, environmental sustainability, transportation choices and economic vitality.

Welzenbach also proposed the MPO adopt a “very robust needs plan,” in order to delineate the expenditures on future infrastructure to better acquire funds from state and federal institutions.

From there, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. presented a Public Involvement Plan with intentions to make information available, ensure underserved population participation and collaborative decision making between citizens and city government, among other initiatives. They promised a website by mid-February that will be maintained for contact and input from the community.

They outlined the several coming opportunities for citizen involvement. A public open house meeting will be held in May to assess transportation needs and have a workshop feedback. Then a second public meeting sometime in August or September will be held to review the final document for the 2040 MTP and make any adjustments necessary.

The activities they proposed that involve the public to create the 2040 MTP are: an MTP subcommittee, where representatives of the community will be selected to provide data and knowledge, review reports and documents and serve as conduits of information; public contact points such as email, telephone, and postal mail for the public to contact the project team and give input; a web presence containing basic 2040 MTP information; the public meetings in May and August/September to discuss transportation needs and spending priorities; surveys to be disseminated via email and postal mail; media releases; small-group meetings made to local governments, business groups, educational institutions, cultural organizations, minorities, low-income, disabled and elderly populations; a database that includes the names and contact information for elected officials, transportation interest, appropriate property owners, business organizations, etc.; and reports and summaries of the public input, including survey, comment forms and summaries of public forums.

More information can be found on the MPO’s website at http://sdmpo.org.


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