Single sample tests positive for West Nile in Grayson County

The Grayson County Health Department announced Thursday that a recent test for West Nile Virus returned back a positive result in one sample. This is the first time that the virus has been detected in the County this year.

Officials with the Department said that one of the 29 samples throughout the sample came back positive after the sample was sent for testing at the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory. The sample was taken on Burrell Street, in Denison.

Of the 29 samples, one of the samples contained no mosquitoes, and another contained no culex, the species that is a known carrier of the disease.

Despite the presence of the virus in the County, Health Department Director Amanda Ortez said the trap counts remain low for this time of year.

Ortez said, in about 80 percent of the cases of West Nile, the individual showed no symptoms of the virus. A small percentage would show flu-like symptoms that may also include a rash. Only about 1 percent of those infected with the virus suffer severe symptoms, said Ortez.

Ortez said people should practice the the four D’s: Dress appropriately with arms and legs covered, drain standing water near your home or business, use repellents containing deet, and limit activity during dusk and dawn, when mosquitoes are most active.

The Department said it will continue to survey the situation and take more samples in areas surrounding the site of the positive sample.


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