SPD: Avoid Highway 75 if you must travel

A tractor-trailer is jack knifed at southbound U.S. Highway 75 near U.S. Highway 82 and is blocking all lanes of traffic. Sherman police say it may be several hours before the wreck is cleared.

“Find alternative routes and avoid Highway 75,” SPD Sgt. D.M. Hampton said. “Road conditions are still dangerous. Pleas do not get on the roads unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

There are also reports of U.S. Highway 75 shutdown at F.M. 1417 due to jack knifed semi trucks. Both directions are reportedly shutdown. “This is an ever-evolving event. As other cars and trucks come though it make it worse. There is the possibility of getting stuck in traffic due to a jack knifed semi truck, etc.” Hampton said. “We are recommending avoiding 75.”


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