Texoma Community Center director to retire

After nearly two decades spent shepherding mental health services for the Red River area, Texoma Community Center Executive Director Tony Maddox has announced he is retiring. Maddox met in a closed-door meeting with TCC’s Board of Directors Wednesday afternoon to discuss the details of his departure later this year.

“It was just a discussion about a few issues like when do I go and what kind of considerations might be made,” said Maddox, whose last day on the job is tentatively scheduled for the end of August. “We’ve got a search committee that’s just now looking at applicants. So (the meeting) was kind of ‘what if’ scenarios — what if a person comes early and they’re ready to go, what am I willing to do? What if they don’t have somebody by Aug. 31, am I willing to stay awhile? Those are just the kind of preliminary discussions.”

Maddox is stepping down after 19 years at the helm of TCC, which was known as Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services of Texoma when he started in 1995. He explained he plans to take advantage of Social Security eligibility to spend more time with his family.

“We’ve got a 5-year-old grandson and a 3-year-old granddaughter, and you know, the years are passing by too quickly,” said Maddox. “So we’d like to get back a little bit closer; they live out in West Texas, which is where we’re from originally.”

Among the accomplishments Maddox listed as career highlights was the 2004 relocation of TCC from Perrin Field to its current headquarters in Sherman.

“Being able to move our administrative offices from an old barracks out at the air base to a multi-use facility where programs are together with administrative services allowed us to save probably $200,000 because we had let go of rental property for the buildings we had been in,” explained Maddox.

“Another (highlight) would be our development of programs, the most recent of which, of course, is substance abuse counseling services and a primary medical care program that we’re getting off the ground. Those seemed to be a long time coming, but I’m really proud of those.”

Giving credit to his staff’s “synergism,” work ethic and commitment to public service, Maddox also listed the inside-baseball switch from straight state billing to a managed-care model as a mark on TCC he was proud to have left.

“Whereas we (formerly) contracted from the state for some services, those were placed under managed care companies. So we had to learn how to bill in a managed care world and do it to three separate, private companies as opposed to just receiving general revenue dollars from the state. And so that was quite a major change.”

According to the open position listing on TCC’s website, the organization serves more than 2,400 individuals in the Texoma area each year.


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