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Tax drive-thru

Grayson County residents were able to take advantage of a tax payment drive-thru Friday at the court house. Several people walked back to their cars to use the drive-thru instead after seeing the line inside.

Dog park plan has Sherman’s tail wagging

It’s an empty lot of grass at this point — technically, two empty lots of grass sandwiching one skinny lot of mature trees and a small concrete wall. A 10,836-square-foot island of green surrounded by concrete and asphalt in downtown Sherman. But with a little bit of help from the community, the property on the corner of Wall and Montgomery streets could become something worth panting over.

Austin College enters contest to win sharpened security

Most college students spend their time thinking about work, classes and friends. The security level of their campus probably isn’t something the registers with most college students. It does register, however, with college faculty and staff. That’s why Austin College is looking to advance its security system by entering the Stanley Safer Schools contest.

Contests and Promotions

The Wedding Expo
The Wedding Expo
Herald Democrat Wedding Expo 2015

Pottsboro City Council takes no action for school district zone change

The Pottsboro City Council met for a special session Monday night. The Council met in executive session to decide a possible zone change for the Pottsboro Independent School District. Reconvening after their session the Council stated that based on current state law, the Council is unable to and will not take action upon the zone change request by the Pottsboro Independent School District.

Sherman embarks on water plant expansion

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, than a civic project of a thousand steps — not to mention $20 million — begins with a single vote. And for the city of Sherman’s water treatment plant expansion, that vote came last week, as the City Council unanimously passed Resolution No. 5835, authorizing the Greater Texoma Utility Authority to issue $2.5 million in new debt.

Spring cleaning in the fall

Can anyone else believe this amazing weather we’ve been having? As a Colorado girl of 12 years, this is just another one of the great reasons to live in Texas. I drove by Fairview Park on Monday to see it packed with kids and families on the playground and throwing around a Frisbee. The gym parking lot was slightly less crowded as folks hit the great outdoors to get their daily exercise done. It made my heart happy.