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Little cabin offers big lessons for SHS students

Out behind Sherman High School, there is a cabin. It’s a little snug at 460 square feet, but there is plenty of room for one or two people to live, cook, sleep and bathe. The fireplace and ceder trim give it the feel of a hunter’s retreat, and not a square foot is wasted. It is impressive that such a small space feels so liveable but even more impressive that the cabin was designed and built by high school students.

Renovations begin in Denison’s City Hall

Workers were busy moving furniture and clearing offices in the Denison City Hall on Tuesday, in preparation for renovations, which are expected to begin this week. While work is expected to continue inside the building for the next six weeks, City Manager Robert Hanna said the renovations will not hinder the work of city employees.

WIC unveils ‘Healthy families’ bus

Grayson County WIC employees were all smiles Tuesday while being interviewed by TAPS pressman Dan Acree. The Women, Infants, & Children program will get some added exposure during the next 12 months, as a 28-foot TAPS bus will sport a travelling billboard with WIC’s contact information and slogan: “Healthy foods grow healthy families.” The advertisement is being sponsored by the Grayson County Health Department.

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New programs under Farm Bill bring reforms to industry

Over the past few weeks, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced a series of new programs and reforms, as a part of the 2014 Farm Bill. These reforms are aimed at giving farmers better options for risk management, and increasing eligibility for USDA microloan programs for beginning and family farmers.