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Local teen looks to turn abandoned house into home for domestic violence victims

It has been almost five years since the house located at 51 Parnell Street was called home by anyone, and it shows. The woodwork on the front of the house could use work in places and a fresh coat of paint, and two windows are missing or broken, leaving shards of glass on the concrete porch. At some point, the mailbox was destroyed, leaving only the broken shell as a reminder that this is 51 Parnell. Despite these setbacks, a local teenager sees the house as an opportunity for those without a home.

Sherman plans upgrade to sewer system

It’s not a topic for cocktail parties. Polite conversations tend to steer clear. But with every flush a reminder, it’s a topic just as vital to civic leaders as potholes and police cruisers.

TCOG study looks for “pockets of poverty”

Texoma is in strong economic shape, on paper. Grayson, Fannin and Cooke counties all beat the statewide average for poverty rates. But, according to Texoma Council of Governments Director Susan Thomas, a strong economy can still leave quite a few people behind.

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Cost to remove lift station from private property could be reduced

BELLS — The grueling process of organizing the 2015 city budget was accomplished Monday night at a Bells special meeting. The movement of the Smith lift station was among the items discussed. The Council went over expenses for moving the lift station off of Bells’ resident Gary Smith’s private property. Previous bids had run upwards of $90,000 to purchase and install a new lift station, but Eddie Daniels of Daniels & Brown Incorporated had some good news.

County Commissioners quickly dispense of meeting items

Grayson County commissioners spent no time Tuesday getting down to business in a short meeting. In under ten minutes, the Court had dispensed with the procurement of items like bath tissue and copy paper as well as the Grayson County Judge Elect’s request to go to probate school.

SISD Board continues sex ed discussions

The Sherman School Board gathered Monday evening for a quick and quiet regular meeting. Foremost on the agenda was continued discussion of a new human sexuality course and several updates to board policy.