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FDA approves device that drains food out of your stomach (+video)

The most surprising thing about the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the obesity-control device called AspireAssist may be how little mainstream attention it attracted. Because, frankly, a weight-loss machine that lets you eat all you want and then drains the food out of your stomach is a pretty startling invention.

Supreme Court won’t revive Obama plan to shield illegal immigrants from deportation (+video)

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama suffered the biggest legal defeat of his administration Thursday when a deadlocked Supreme Court failed to revive his stalled plan to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation and give them the right to work legally in the United States.

House Democrats end protest as bipartisan gun legislation gains backing in Senate (+video)

WASHINGTON — More than 24 hours after seizing control of the House floor, Democratic lawmakers on Thursday ended a noisy, unusual sit-in after being unable to push Speaker Paul D. Ryan to call a vote on legislation to curb gun sales.

Democratic revolt over gun laws brings House to a halt (+video)

WASHINGTON — A sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives by Democratic members stretched into Wednesday night and appeared likely to continue throughout Thursday as the protesters turned to Periscope and Facebook Live to broadcast demands for a vote on legislation to restrict gun purchases by suspected terrorists.

Twin fires in San Gabriel Mountains force evacuations amid brutal conditions (+video)

LOS ANGELES — The battle to contain two large wildfires burning out of control above San Gabriel Valley foothill communities became something of a smoky slog Tuesday as firefighters took on the flames in rugged canyons, evacuated residents anxiously awaited word and the surrounding region endured a bad air day.