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Obama’s final budget shunned by GOP, but offers path for Sanders and Clinton (+video)

WASHINGTON — The final proposed budget of the Obama presidency seeks more taxes on the wealthy, a push to solve the riddle of cancer, a modest slowing of debt and deficits, more spending to defeat Islamic extremists and a renewed focus on cybersecurity.

Robin Chandler Duke, career woman, ambassador’s wife and advocate for reproductive rights, dies at 92

Robin Chandler Duke, who went to work in modeling, in journalism and on Wall Street to support her family, then married a moneyed U.S. ambassador and deployed her social connections and personal charisma in a decades-long campaign for women’s reproductive rights, died Feb. 6 at a retirement community in Charleston, South Carolina. She was 92.

Jailed extremist freed, becomes FBI informant

The way federal prosecutors told it, Jesse Morton was an inspiration for terrorists across the world. Through his Revolution Muslim website, they said, the New York City man provided justification for violence in the name of Islam, encouraged followers to support Osama bin Laden and advocated attacks on the writers of “South Park” in retaliation for their depiction of the prophet Muhammad in a bear suit.

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