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Oklahoma is the latest state to consider curbing police power

WASHINGTON — Last April, Oklahoma state Sen. Kyle Loveless saw a surprising news story. Spurred by advocacy groups from the left and right, the Democratic Senate and Republican House in neighboring New Mexico had passed a bill reining in cops. Gov. Susana Martinez, a former prosecutor, had signed it into law. The issue that crossed partisan boundaries? Civil asset forfeiture, a long-standing practice giving law enforcement agencies the power to confiscate property tied to a crime, even if they haven’t brought charges against the owners or won a conviction.

Southeastern holds ‘Career Discovery Day’

DURANT, Okla. — Some 600 eighth graders from throughout the area attended “Career Discovery Day’’ Thursday at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. The event is designed to provide information about higher education and career opportunities. “It Starts Now’’ was the theme for the event.

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