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If Texas abortion law survives Supreme Court, minority and rural women will feel effect most (+video)

AUSTIN — With the U.S. Supreme Court expected to rule Monday on the constitutionality of Texas’ strict abortion regulations, an analysis by The Dallas Morning News shows that women who are poor and nonwhite would face the biggest challenge in obtaining an abortion in Texas if the law stands.

House Democrats end protest as bipartisan gun legislation gains backing in Senate (+video)

WASHINGTON — More than 24 hours after seizing control of the House floor, Democratic lawmakers on Thursday ended a noisy, unusual sit-in after being unable to push Speaker Paul D. Ryan to call a vote on legislation to curb gun sales.

Democratic revolt over gun laws brings House to a halt (+video)

WASHINGTON — A sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives by Democratic members stretched into Wednesday night and appeared likely to continue throughout Thursday as the protesters turned to Periscope and Facebook Live to broadcast demands for a vote on legislation to restrict gun purchases by suspected terrorists.

‘Carol brought out the best in everyone’

Former Grayson County Commissioner for Precinct 3 Carol Shea died early Monday morning of natural causes at 83 years old. Mrs. Shea served as a commissioner for 12 years, but that was just one of the ways that she, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, served the people of her adopted home in Grayson County.

Federal rules could tame ‘Wild West’ of Texas payday lending

Leonard Abbott of San Marcos had heard of the dangers of payday loans — the small-dollar, high-interest credit that can quickly trap borrowers in a morass of debt. But when unexpected medical bills blew a hole in his monthly budget last year, he felt he had nowhere else to turn. He took out a $500 loan, expecting to pay it back in full in two weeks. When he couldn’t, he sought more loans, until about a third of his $1,700 monthly take-home pay was going toward paying interest and fees alone.

Texas Democrats approve, and disapprove, moratoriums on fracking (+video)

The Texas Democratic Party approved a platform Saturday that scrapped language calling for a moratorium on new hydraulic fracturing in Texas. A little while later, the same state convention approved a tough climate change resolution calling for “an end to the ecologically destructive extraction method known as fracking.”

After signaling openness to new restrictions, Trump accuses Obama of ‘trying to make terrorism into guns’ (+video)

THE WOODLANDS, Tex. - Donald Trump on Friday accused President Barack Obama of trying to unjustifiably wedge the debate over guns laws into the national conversation about terrorism, even as the mogul has signaled openness to tightening restrictions on firearms in the wake of the Orlando, Florida, nightclub massacre.

Trump to meet with NRA on gun sales to people on terror watch list (+video)

WASHINGTON — The National Rifle Association said Wednesday it is willing to meet the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump amid a potential disagreement between the two allies over gun rights for people who are placed on terror watch lists by the government.

Obama lashes out at Trump, says using the phrase ‘radical Islam’ is ‘not a strategy’ (+video)

WASHINGTON - An angry President Barack Obama lashed out at Republicans, and particularly Donald Trump, who have called him soft on terrorism, warning that “loose talk” about Muslims has harmed the United States’s campaign against militant groups in the Middle East and elsewhere.