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Trump paints grim portrait of US and casts himself as its only savior

CLEVELAND — Painting a dark portrait of a country besieged at home and threatened abroad, Donald Trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination Thursday night with a blistering indictment of the Obama administration and a promise to enhance the safety and economic standing of Americans victimized by a failed political system.

NATO allies respond to Trump’s suggestion that the U.S. might not protect them from Russia (+video)

Donald Trump has long suggested that he takes a skeptical view of the United States’ alliances. However, in an interview with The New York Times on Wednesday evening, the Republican presidential nominee went further than before, appearing to suggest that the United States should not be required to automatically defend NATO allies if they are attacked.

Robert Morgan, senator who cast crucial votes for Panama Canal treaties, dies at 90

Robert B. Morgan, a North Carolina Democrat who was a freshman U.S. senator when he cast crucial votes in favor of treaties that transferred control of the Panama Canal to the Panamanian government, a decision that brought a swift end to his Senate career but which he stood by all his life, died July 16 at his home in Buies Creek, North Carolina. He was 90.

5 things to watch at the GOP National Convention

Two months ago, Texas Republicans gathered in Dallas for a state convention at which many still felt conflicted about their presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump. As they pack their bags for the national convention, an ambivalence still lingers over the Texas GOP.

Attempts to unbind GOP delegates crushed, effectively ending ‘Never Trump’ movement (+video)

CLEVELAND - Republicans responsible for setting the party’s presidential nomination rules on Thursday overwhelmingly rejected attempts to formally unbind delegates to next week’s conventiom, effectively ending any serious attempt to rob Donald Trump of the GOP presidential nomination.