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Grayson County election results

Sherman voters Tuesday picked their city representatives and supported the continuation of the street repair sales tax while Grayson County voters supported the state constitution amendments. City of Denison voters legalized the sale of mixed drinks and city of Collinsville voters opted to allow the sale of alcohol. Collinsville ISD voters also approved $8.5 million in bonds and levying of taxes by the Collinsville ISD.

Denison voters make mixed-beverage sales easier

By a large majority, residents of Denison voted in favor Tuesday of an update to local liquor laws. The change allows for the sale of all alcoholic beverages. The local option will allow local businesses to sell mixed drinks and spirits without the need of private club laws.

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Fannin County voters approve propositions

Propositions carried the day in Fannin County where voters supported the new additions to the state constitution. The folks in Bailey decided against the sale of alcohol and those in the Savoy Independent School District voted in favor of the tax ratification.