League of Women Voters asks questions of candidates for March 4 Primary

Sunday’s edition of the Herald Democrat includes a section devoted to questions put to local candidates running for the March 4 primary by the Sherman/Grayson County League of Women Voters.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization that works to promote political responsibility through active, informed participation of all citizens in their government. The League neither supports nor opposes any political party or candidate.

The League submitted questions to all candidates at the Grayson County level. The questions gave the candidates specific word limits they could not exceed and the answers were held to that limit by League members. The responses will appear as they were returned to the League with one exception. Mike Springer who is running for Justice of the Peace in Precinct 2 did not write out answers to the specific questions that the League posed. He simply turned in a press release and his resume. Those items were not answers to League questions, so they will not be included in the responses that were published. Gene Alyea, who is also running for Justice of the Peace in Precinct 2, refused to take part in the League’s written forum because the answers would be appearing in the Herald Democrat.

Answers to League questions will appear for the race for Grayson County Judge and include responses from Gene Short, Bill Magers, Trent Bass and Jim Maddock. The Grayson County Judge currently makes a total of $116,025 a year according to Grayson County Auditor Richie Rivers. That salary is broken down into three sections. The first, $86,625, comes from the county’s General Fund. The County Judge also receives a $15,000 stipend from the state and $14,400 for sitting on the Grayson County Juvenile Board.

The League also received answers from David Whitlock, commissioner Precinct 2 and his challenger Gary Cox. The salary for the Grayson County Commissioner’s post in Precinct 2 Rivers said, is $67,800 plus a $6,000 stipend for serving on the Grayson County Juvenile Board.

David Hawley and Thomas Roesler did file answers to the League’s questions for candidates seeking the Justice of the Peace spot in Precinct 2. The salary for the JP in Precinct 2 is $58,712. and the salary for Justice of the Peace in Precinct 4 is $47,779. Rita Noel, Debbie Lowery and Jeff Stanley are all seeking the JP spot in Precinct 4 and filed answers to the League’s questions.

Starr Stanley and Gayla Hawkins both filed answers to the questions the League posed to them in their run for the Grayson County Treasurer’s spot. The salary for the Grayson County Treasurer is $67,850.

Early voting for the election starts Feb. 18 and continues through Feb. 28. Voters can cast early ballots at the Grayson County Courthouse, 100 W. Houston in Sherman; Grayson County sub-courthouse, 101 W. Woodard in Denison; Pottsboro Independent School District Administration Building, 105 Cardinal Lane in Pottsboro; Whitesboro City Hall, 111 W. Main in Whitesboro; and at Grayson College, 1455 W. Van Alstyne Parkway, in Van Alstyne. Each of the locations will be open on each day of early voting and any registered Grayson County voter may use any of the locations. Voters may cast ballots from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Feb. 18 through 21 and on Feb. 22. Ballots may be cast from noon to 5 p.m. on Feb. 23 and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Feb. 24 through Feb. 28. All voters must present photo identification to vote.


Grayson County Judge

Gene Short

Bill Magers

Trent Bass

Jim Maddock

Grayson County Treasurer

Starr Stanley

Gayla Hawkins

County Commissioner Precinct 2

Gary Cox

David Whitlock

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2

Mike Springer

David Hawley

H. Gene Alyea (did not participate in guide)

Thomas D. Roesler

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4

Rita G. Noel

Debbie Lowery

Jeff Stanley


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