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Tom Bean super stumps for tax vote

TOM BEAN — Only a handful of days remain until voters in Tom Bean decide whether to grant their local school district a victory in a Tax Ratification Election, which would raise approximately $500,000 for classroom instruction across the District’s three schools. If approved, the TRE would raise property taxes in the town by 13 cents over the rollback rate, or $130 annually for every $100,000 of valuation.

Commitment to college recognized

“One of the greatest joys of my life has been serving on this Board,” Ruby Jo Williams said Tuesday night after receiving a number of gifts of appreciation from the Grayson College Board of Trustees. “It has been so educational for me and so fulfilling,” she added.

Robotics competition challenges local students

The main challenge is to assemble a wind turbine. That’s a hard task for a remote controlled robot. There are plenty of difficulties that crop up along the way, too, from transporting materials to filing permits to traversing damaged roadways to avoiding endangered wildlife. But for the local high school students who build and pilot these robots, the difficulty is part of the fun.

Bells ISD meeting focuses on campus improvement

BELLS — In last month’s Bells Independent School District Board of Trustee’s meeting, the topics of setting new goals for the District’s students and faculty and improving student success were raised. This month’s meeting, held Monday night, focused on how to reach those goals with campus improvement plans.

Little cabin offers big lessons for SHS students

Out behind Sherman High School, there is a cabin. It’s a little snug at 460 square feet, but there is plenty of room for one or two people to live, cook, sleep and bathe. The fireplace and ceder trim give it the feel of a hunter’s retreat, and not a square foot is wasted. It is impressive that such a small space feels so liveable but even more impressive that the cabin was designed and built by high school students.

Contests and Promotions

Learning is on the menu at Bearcat Bistro

The Bearcat Bistro is perhaps as intimate and trendy a place to eat lunch as there is in Sherman. The restaurant seats 40 people at the most. The walls are covered with paintings from local artists and hand-arranged floral bouquets adorn the tables. The menu changes constantly, allowing the talented young chefs to explore different cuisines. And it’s easy to hear the bell, so none of the chefs will be late to algebra.

AC opens new practice courtroom

It looks, for all the world, like a courtroom. From the swinging wooden door leading to the witness stand to the imposing leather chairs of the judge’s bench. It is easy to imagine real attorneys conferring quietly with their clients at the provided tables, but this courtroom wasn’t built for practicing law. It was built for studying it.

Scholarship founded in memory of Howe superintendent

HOWE - For students at Howe High School who aspire to become teachers, a new opportunity will soon be available to follow in the footsteps of one of the town’s most beloved educators. The Arthur A. Boyle Memorial Education Scholarship will honor the wish of the former Howe teacher, coach, principal and superintendent to further education in the community.