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Texas House to address school finance

In a momentous turnabout, the Texas House’s lead public education policymaker said Wednesday the lower chamber will attempt to fix the way the state funds its public schools this legislative session rather than wait for a state Supreme Court ruling.

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Religious case made against anti-gay-marriage bill

A bill seeking to continue Texas’ ban on gay marriage, no matter how the courts rule, received strong opposition during a late Thursday public hearing — much of it from religious leaders and believers who said conservative Christians do not have the sole perspective on marriage.

Private school voucher bills face backlash

Democratic and some Republican Texas senators came out in force Thursday against a trio of divisive education proposals designed to award taxpayer — or donated — money to public school students to help pay tuition at private or parochial institutions.

Debate on Shariah law goes to Austin

AUSTIN — Legislators debated Tuesday whether a handful of bills aimed at limiting the use of Shariah, the Islamic legal code, seek to protect constitutional rights or serve only to fuel anti-Muslim fervor in Texas.