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The mussel that once cost local taxpayers $300 million is still spreading

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department announced Wednesday that three more lakes — Eagle Mountain, Lake Worth and Livingston — tested positive for the creatures. There are already six lakes “fully infested” by the mussels. They have also been found at six other lakes, though it’s not clear whether they have viable breeding populations, according to the state.

Sharp drop in abortions followed Texas restrictions

The number of drug-induced abortions in Texas plummeted in the first full year after the state’s strict 2013 abortion law took effect, according to statistics released Thursday by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The overall number of Texas abortions — which also includes surgical abortions performed in the state and on Texas women out of state — dropped significantly, the agency found.

State nearing goal of 250 new border troopers

The Texas Department of Public Safety is nearing its goal of permanently assigning 250 additional troopers to the state’s border with Mexico. And after initially concentrating its efforts in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas, the agency is now expanding its target area to include West Texas and Big Bend.

Paxton opinion slams schools’ transgender policies

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Tuesday issued an opinion saying the Fort Worth school superintendent who made headlines for formulating guidelines to accommodate transgender students exceeded his authority. Paxton also said that a portion of the guidelines instructing district employees not to out transgender students to their parents might violate state law.

If Texas abortion law survives Supreme Court, minority and rural women will feel effect most (+video)

AUSTIN — With the U.S. Supreme Court expected to rule Monday on the constitutionality of Texas’ strict abortion regulations, an analysis by The Dallas Morning News shows that women who are poor and nonwhite would face the biggest challenge in obtaining an abortion in Texas if the law stands.