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EDITOR’S NOTE: Give thanks

A favorite time of year has arrived for many. It’s a time for family, cheerful spirits and, well, thanksgiving. I suspect I’m like many of you who find yourself a little bit more patient with your fellow man this time of year, and, considering the events of recent weeks, the arrival of the holiday season couldn’t be more welcomed.

GOOD MORNING: My Thanksgiving last year was special

When I think of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving is not generally one of them. I am thankful everyday, but Thanksgiving is mainly about food. Thanksgiving is like the appetizer before Christmas. Christmas is when we have the best foods and when family time really comes back to town.

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Why not draw straws? Elections are all random

I’ll cheerfully admit that until last weekend I had no idea that Mississippi decides tied elections by drawing straws — much less that other states flip a coin. The only comparable version of planned randomness I’d heard of was the ancient Greek practice of choosing annual leaders by lottery.

Argentina’s Macri won’t be Venezuela’s friend

Fresh off a bruising campaign that toppled a political dynasty and split Argentina in two, incoming president Mauricio Macri was blunt at a Monday news conference. “If I said I’d do it, we’ll do it,” he declared when asked if he planned to make good on his campaign promise to bring Venezuela’s autocratic regime to task for violating human rights and trampling democracy.

CAL THOMAS: Terrorists as ‘tourists’

President Obama has put a new twist on the Islamic invasion now taking place across Europe and the United States. Speaking to reporters last week during his visit to the Philippines, the president compared Syrian refugees to “tourists,” saying they are no bigger a threat than people who come to sightsee and visit attractions.

GOOD MORNING: Name that voice

I’m really good at identifying voices without seeing someone’s face. I think everyone has a useless talent they’re really good at and that might just be mine, or at least the useless talent at which I excel the most.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Reacting to terrorism

It has been surreal to watch as France tries to cope with the horrific terrorist attack that happened in Paris earlier this month. I imagine that what we’re experiencing is similar to the feelings the rest of the world had as they watched the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, looking on with feelings of disbelief and fear.