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In the name of the law

Police shows — oh man, I hate police shows. On loop at my house is “Criminal Minds,” but they’re all the same, as far as I can tell. Some guy with some weird quirk kills someone and then the plucky detectives spend 44 minutes tracking him down and — surprise! — catches him just before he can kill the next victim, who’s invariably more important/cute/sympathetic than the last one.

Democrats run away from Obama, but it’s too late

“President Obama’s new EPA rule is more proof that Washington isn’t working for Kentucky.” Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democrats’ great hope for beating Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, is doing her best to keep voters from associating her too closely with the president.

Shopping for shoes

There’s something about new things that make me excited. When I was a little girl my mom bought me some “Beauty and the Beast” pajamas with Belle’s face on them, and for the entire day the prospect of going to bed that night wearing my new pajamas made me so excited I could dance.

GOP focused on wrong set of children

Republicans are focused on the wrong set of children — and on the wrong set of voters. Instead of raising a hue and cry over the “threat” represented by thousands of unaccompanied minors entering the U.S. from Central America, they should be mindful of the millions of children already here who are U.S.-born citizens of undocumented and documented immigrants.

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Venturing into the unknown

I am of the habit of benefiting from married life: When the trash needs to be removed, whisk! When there is a nasty bug present, smush! When the toilet is clogged, plunge! Yet, I jest. I picked a modern man, whose inclination is to leave the less pressing household needs as they are.

Polling trends that matter

Recent polling for the 2014 midterms and beyond is plentiful but not always illuminating. There are two exceptions to this: polls that show a consensus for a trend/wave election and dramatic movement toward a particular candidate.

Local prisoner of war camp remembered

Newcomers to this area and sometimes those who have been around a few years occasionally ask about and are surprised that a Prisoner of War Camp was located just west of the Denison Dam beyond the present spillway area at the end of World War II. The camp was built to house 150 prisoners.

Play it again

I like movies as much as the next guy, I think. I’m not a film buff — I don’t have strong opinions on, say, Stanley Kubrick’s choice of camera lens — but I do think it’s fun to go out, grab some popcorn and catch a flick.

A tale of two carbon taxes

Australia has repealed its carbon tax, leaving climate advocates in the U.S. and abroad feeling disheartened. While the repeal has long been anticipated — Prime Minister Tony Abbott campaigned to scrap the tax and has been gearing up to repeal it ever since he took office — it nonetheless strikes at the heart of supporters of a price on carbon.

Obstructed by the Constitution

President Obama’s plan to transform the U.S. health-care market is once again in trouble. This time, two Republican-appointed judges on a federal appeals court have invalidated a key portion of the program.