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War does nothing for your investment portfolio

One concern for investors is how markets keep powering higher despite all of the geopolitical turmoil: The grinding Syrian civil war that has spilled into Iraq, the clash between Israel and Gaza, the Crimea annexation and now the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine.

Listen to East Europeans on Russia sanctions

The leaders of Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic feel Western sanctions against Russia have gone a little too far. These people know the Soviet system better than anybody in the world outside Russia itself, and they recognize that sanctions are not going to work.

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The risks of writing

In the 19th century, because of advances in printing technology and growing literacy, the serial novel became an increasingly popular way to deliver written works to the masses.

RedBlueAmerica: Are Americans superficial for mourning the deaths of celebrities?

The deaths this week of comedian-actor Robin Williams and actress Lauren Bacall unleashed an outpouring of grief across the country. The shocking circumstances of Williams’ death — suicide by hanging — sent his fans reeling. Even President Barack Obama released a statement on Monday, calling Williams “one of a kind.”

The pain game

Finding yourself in a predicament whereby you’re forced to come into contact with the American health care system is the very definition of a lose-lose. You already have a serious problem, or you wouldn’t be at the hospital in the first place. Very likely, you’re in pain. And you know there exits all these tremendous substances of chemical amelioration that could make you feel better. But in order to possess and ingest one of those substances, you have deal with a bureaucratic system that seems purposefully designed to prolong your suffering.