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NOAH FELDMAN: Justices turn power-plant case into a charade

There’s no mistaking the message of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to stay the Barack Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan regulation while it’s being challenged before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Before Tuesday, the court had never granted a regulatory stay in such circumstances, where the lower court hasn’t ruled and has itself declined to block the regulation while it’s considering the case. It’s understandable that environmental advocates are upset.

GOOD MORNING: I am determined not to miss ‘the call’

I recently wrote a Good Morning column about how I’m working hard to always answer my phone when my wife calls because she’s just a few weeks away from giving birth to our first child. I haven’t always been the most reliable when it comes to answering my phone, but I’m determined to correct that.

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Kasich and Bush should send Christie roses

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, now in the single digits in New Hampshire, had nothing to lose on Saturday night by going into attack mode against Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. But in overdoing it, and more important, overlooking his real objective, he may have only helped Jeb Bush and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who had strong nights without making themselves seem overbearing. Sure, Bush had been baiting Rubio all week with slurs on his readiness and preparation, but in the face-to-face moment Bush barely touched Rubio and instead fired at Donald Trump, especially on eminent domain. Kasich did not have to lay a finger on anyone; he simply nailed down his message as an upbeat, competent governor.

The ‘experience’ Republicans smash Rubio

Pickett’s charge. Waterloo. The Charge of the Light Brigade. Take your pick of historical analogies, the “experience” wing of the Republican Party launched a desperate, and very possibly doomed, assault at Saturday’s GOP debate, during a climatic moment for a GOP race that has been dominated by men who have significantly less real-world policymaking credibility. The polls say that the forces of experience will probably leave New Hampshire in defeat, and even if they pulled something out, racking up victories in future primaries would be hard. But at the very least they have made the rising Marco Rubio look like an empty suit.

GOOD MORNING: I deserve my text chirp

One of my favorite aspects of modern cellphones is having the ability to really personalize them. Like many people, my phone is indispensable for me. I have all my contacts in it, as well as pictures, reminders and music albums.

EDITORIAL: Good job, TAPS board. Now don’t mess it up.

Watching TAPS Public Transit try to recover from its deep financial hole is like watching a snail run a marathon. Still progress has been made. The Grayson County Commissioners Court’s decision on Tuesday to give TAPS $20,000 to find a company to take over management of the limping transit agency is another mile marker.