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GOOD MORNING: Pokemon Go not a novel idea

Call me old, but what’s all the to do about Pokemon Go? Folks have been wandering around looking for specific objects for years — maybe even centuries! It’s called a scavenger hunt. And from my viewpoint, they can be much more fun, educational and useful than sauntering around in pajamas like a zombie waiting for a weird cartoon object to appear on the cell phone screen.

Final grade for the Republican National Convention: ‘D’

It remains to be seen whether the Republican National Convention will generate a “bump” in polling and, if so, whether that has any long-term implications for Donald Trump’s campaign. Given how unliked both candidates are and how polarized the electorate is, it is very possible not much will change in the race. Nevertheless, judging by a whole array of factors, one cannot help but conclude this was the least successful convention since the Pat Buchanan-dominated 1992 shindig that became the staging ground for another round in the culture wars. Let’s assess the convention by a number of criteria.

EDITORIAL: McGraw deal too soft

Sherman attorney Michael McGraw pleaded guilty Friday to one count of injury to a child. He received a 20-year prison sentence plus a 10-year sentence for drug possession which is set to run concurrently with the sentence on the child abuse charge. That all sounds significant until you realize that McGraw was originally indicted on five counts of sexual assault of a child and, as a component of the plea agreement, will not have to register as a sex offender when he completes his prison sentence.

Adventures in Parenting: A crying baby interrupts the memory

When my son gets himself really worked up, there are only two things that will stop his crying — being fed or being sung to. The former is pretty easy to take care of, but when he’s crying nonstop because he really doesn’t want to go to sleep or just really feels like being upset, it can be hard to think of the right song to sing to him or even the correct words to songs I love.

Humans once opposed coffee and refrigeration. Here’s why we often hate new stuff.

Humans have a habit of stalling their own progress. From coffee to mechanical refrigeration to genetically altered food, history is littered with innovations that sparked resistance before becoming fixtures in everyday life. The same theme is playing out today as some lawmakers and consumers question the safety of driverless cars, the economic impact of automation or the security of mobile banking

LARRY PHILLIPS: How can Texas improve public health?

Interim charges are the issues that the Speaker asks committees to study during the time between regular legislative sessions in order to make recommendations for legislation for the following legislative session. This week I will discuss the charges given to the House Committee on Public Health.

GOOD MORNING: Who is ready for back to school?

High temperatures always seem to makes the days of summer drag for me, because, no matter what time I go outside, it’s still too hot to enjoy the day. So it’s hard to believe we’re already more than halfway through the summer, which means it’s nearly back-to-school time. And that’s an exciting time of the year for parents, teachers and students.

JENNIFER RUBIN: How Hillary Clinton can win over horrified Republicans

With the official nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton has the opponent of her dreams — someone whose character, preparation and views are so defective as to make last night’s roll call a devastating moment in the lives of many Republicans. The GOP has had magnificent nominees (Abraham Lincoln) and likable nominees (Ronald Reagan, Dwight D. Eisenhower). It’s had admirable nominees who lost (Mitt Romney) and flawed nominees who won (Richard Nixon). It has never — and we certainly include Barry Goldwater — had a nominee who embarrasses and disgusts a significant number of people in his own party. How does Clinton, without endangering support in her own ranks, reach out to Republicans to secure her win? Here are five steps she can take: