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EDITORIAL: Free to decorate

For years, a Sherman teacher has adorned her personal workspace with things that are important to her. Of course, there are signs and posters throughout the classroom that are meant to encourage student learning and motivate. Around the teacher’s workspace, which is in the back of the room, you’ll find the files and papers she needs to do her work, drawings and notes from students, and a display of eight crosses she’s personally collected and used to adorn the area where she spends a large percentage of her waking hours.

STOP SIGNS ARE FOREVER: Pot’s for the dogs

Watching the family canine descend into old age is a long, painful odyssey for many pets owners. Standing idly by while Fido licks his arthritic paws — unable to understand why they hurt and ignorant as to the uselessness of the only treatment he knows — can be every bit as frustrating as watching a grandparent struggle with dementia.

Shame, online mobs and the power of forgiveness

Leadership gurus often talk about blame-storming, which is just like brainstorming except that the purpose is to find a scapegoat for something that’s gone wrong. Social media is now producing what you might call “shame-storming,” where some offense (real or imagined) is uncovered, and a horde of indignant tweeters quickly assembles to publicize the transgression and heap imprecations on its author.

No more application inflation

As the father of a high school senior who suffered this spring through the angst of waiting for college acceptance notices at a time when some top schools reject more than 90 percent of applicants, I have a simple suggestion to reduce some of the craziness.

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It was 150 years ago that President Lincoln was shot, on the evening of April 14, 1865, and he died the next morning. Doris Kearns Goodwin, my favorite among the historians who have taught us most of what we know about our presidents, says if she had the chance to sit down with Mr. Lincoln, instead of asking him a question she would say, “Tell me a story.” That reminded me of how much I enjoyed hearing Lincoln stories told by Prof Jones, my mother’s father, a retired schoolteacher.

Texas Armed Services Scholarship opportunity

In 2009, the legislature passed House Bill 3452, which created the Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program. This program is designed to encourage students to participate in Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) programs at colleges. A student must meet specific eligibility criteria in order to receive an initial scholarship award, and must enter into a four-year commitment as a member of the Texas Army National Guard, Texas Air Force National Guard, or as a commissioned officer in any branch of the armed services of the United States.