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LETTER: Stronger gun laws — just common sense

The defenders of unfettered access and use of guns constantly claim it’s their constitutional right. Does it matter? We have no constitutional right to drive cars or fly airplanes, but we recognize the necessity of regulations for public safety. Over 70 percent of Americans support stronger gun regulations, but no congressional action comes from politicians who fear retribution at the ballot box by gun extremists. Extremists cheered on by the NRA, an organization that has come to be recognized for their radical opposition to any safety regulations placed on guns.

ROUNDUP: Why we’re still debating guns in 2015

In 2013, CNN Opinion rounded up a selection of op-eds from both sides of the gun debate on mass killings in America. In 2015, the debate continues to rage, with highly publicized shootings in Charleston, Chattanooga, Lafayette, Roanoke and now the campus of Umpqua Community College in Oregon, where 10 were killed and 20 injured. Where are we today on guns and mass shootings?

GOOD MORNING: Rocket and Gatsby

As summer faded away and autumn swept in, it seemed there was an online epidemic. Everyone on my Facebook feed seemed to be in a sudden panic that summer was ending and nothing major had happened to them yet. I believe this is the reason my news feed became cluttered with announcements on births, pregnancy, marriages, divorces and engagements. Right on the heels of these announcements came my other friends, most of whom are single, who announced their adoptions of a new fur baby.

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Amendment eliminates requirement that statewide elected officials live in Austin

This week’s column is the third in a series outlining the seven proposed constitutional amendments on which Texas voters will decide on November 3. These amendments were joint resolutions that were passed during the recent legislative session; however, because they change the Texas Constitution, they need statewide voter approval before they can take effect. I will be providing information about the proposals in the order in which they will appear on the ballot. This information is taken from a report by the House Research Organization, a nonpartisan agency that provides information to the legislature.

GOOD MORNING: Binge-watching can be confusing

Like a lot of people these days, I have started binge-watching different television shows through digital streaming services because it’s a great way to catch up on shows I missed the first time around. There have been so many quality programs produced over just the last 15 years that there’s just no way to keep up with everything. However, there’s so much available at my fingertips these days that I sometimes get overwhelmed.

NATALIE WEXLER: Why Americans can’t write

It’s no secret that many Americans are lousy writers. Just ask any college professor or employer, including those at prestigious institutions. With the advent of email, writing ability has become more important than ever, and writing deficiencies have become increasingly apparent.

MEGAN MCARDLE: Does Fiorina’s HP tenure really matter?

You can tell how well Carly Fiorina is doing by the sudden interest in attacking her. Conservative and liberal columnists are engaged in a raging battle over whether Fiorina, a Republican presidential candidate, slightly misdescribed the contents of a video about Planned Parenthood’s late-term abortions, or brazenly made up horrid scenes to score points during the last debate. And, of course, there is a brisk columnist business in debating her tenure at Hewlett-Packard: Was she a blithe failure or a beleaguered CEO doing the best she could with what she had?