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GOOD MORNING: Honoring the World War II heroes of Grayson County

Many were just teenage boys when they left Grayson County. Loved ones shed tears and waved goodbye as the boys — thrust into manhood — rolled out on buses or by train, headed into the unknown. World War II had begun and their country needed them to fight in distant lands, not just to protect the freedoms enjoyed in the United States, but to help millions of others being oppressed and slaughtered by cruel, corrupt leaders.

GOOD MORNING:Curtains for Draper

We here at the Herald Democrat’s one-man “International Center for the Study of Pop Culture” would be remiss if we didn’t close-out the week with a short eulogy for one of the best television shows of the last decade. AMC’s “Mad Men” wrapped its eight-year, seven-season run a week ago, finally locking the doors, once and for all, at Sterling Cooper.

GOOD MORNING: A preschool concert

As a mother watches her preschool boys sing with their classmates for their end-of-the-year concert, what words can she use to describe her feelings? Delight and amusement? Those seem to fit. But they also seem so distant from the actual experience.

GOOD MORNING: From pens to Norman Rockwall

Wednesday, May 20 may not seem like much of a day to most folks. That is unless it happens to be their birthday or the birthday of a loved one. A quick glance at a calendar that I have showed me it is a day that is right up my alley in more than one way.

GOOD MORNING: Sometimes rainbows happen indoors

My little niece spent much of the last weekend with us. She is 7 and is just finishing up the first grade. Those of you who have had children of that age know exactly how little I got done this weekend. All of that organizing I had planned is still undone. The writing I had pre-written in my head is still there, waiting. The laundry is piled in a corner, and the housecleaning I had saved for this weekend is still being saved.

GOOD MORNING: Flashbacks to graduation

Over the weekend, I covered both graduation ceremonies for Grayson College and Austin College. After hearing several stories of the challenges and triumphs of students, I was hit with a wave of emotion because it took me back to the moment I graduated college from Texas Christian University.

GOOD MORNING: Friday is here

Thank goodness it is finally Friday morning. It is also graduation day for the fine folks at Grayson College and graduation weekend for the folks at Austin College. Congratulations to one and all.

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What makes for a good movie?

Those who read my columns might remember a couple of months ago when I wrote a column in which I expressed a desire to reignite my love for reading and expand my horizons with books I’ve never read, but probably should. While I still plan on this, I have decided to broaden it beyond simply books.

Hairy situation

Now halfway through my 32 years on this planet, I finally am attempting something I’ve never tried. For the first time in my life, I am making a concerted effort to grow and maintain a stand of facial hair.

GOOD MORNING: Reporting for Texoma

Well folks, I’ve hit my anniversary. It’s officially been a year since I started writing for this paper and designing the pages inside it. It hasn’t seemed nearly that long, though. And I mean that in a good way.

GOOD MORNING: It is good to be a geek

With the opening of the latest Avengers movie Friday, and Free Comic Book Day Saturday it has been a good weekend to be a geek. Following the trend of geeky days, the unofficial holiday for everything related to Star Wars is today, May the fourth. (Get it? May the fourth be with you.)