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GOOD MORNING: More B-movie cheese, please

Intense dramas, thrilling action movies and hilarious comedies all have their places at the movie theater, but sometimes I just want to turn my brain off after a long day and enjoy a ridiculous film I can laugh at for being bad. That’s why I love B-movies.

GOOD MORNING: Lonely no more

If my readers have been following me on Twitter ( @MWilcoxHD ), I’m sure you all have seen several instances where I’ve expressed my frustration with finding a new home through the social media site. With the end of my lease approaching at the end of this month, I might have been hitting the “panic” button as I struggled to find an affordable house to rent with two other roommates. Thankfully, I’m not going to be homeless come April’s end. My roommate was able to secure a lovely home for us to rent, and I’m completely enamored with it.

GOOD MORNING: Parenting is an adventure

As everyone with kids knows, parenting is a full time job, so I’ve got more stories than I have room to write about in a Good Morning column like this one. And I can only imagine that writing about the same thing every time I wrote one of these columns would get old for readers, so our editor has given me a regular column to explore my adventures in parenting.

GOOD MORNING: Why we talk about ourselves

It’s funny how when we start reminiscing about something, the memories just pour out of us. For example, mention Europe and I’m likely to go into a tale about my semester spent there. I’ll tell you about the time we got stuck in a small Italian town where there was no room in the hostel and spent the night in the train station,which was a shack. Or about the trip to Romania where I watched a child dig a store-bought sandwich out of the trash can after I had thrown it away because it tasted a bit off.

GOOD MORNING: The heart of Latino literacy

Earlier this month, Mayes Elementary School in Denison finished a literacy program for Latino families to understand the importance of reading and help parents learn English vocabulary and grammar. It’s been a few weeks since I wrote about the Mayes Latino Literacy Project but it’s an experience that cannot be easily forgotten.

GOOD MORNING: Punctuation and brush strokes

I didn’t go to school to be a writer or even a photographer for that matter. So I don’t remember anybody trying to teach me what an em dash was or how to use it. I’ve often heard it mentioned in the newsroom, but never really understood its full purpose. After reading about my buddy Billy Wadsack’s love of the elongated hyphen, I decided to do some research in an attempt to learn something new. Just like I did with last week’s column.

GOOD MORNING: Casserole conundrum

Since moving out on my own, one of my long-term goals has been to teach myself how to cook. For the most part, I’ve gone at my own pace by looking up recipes based on what I have on hand and what I am in the mood for. I am at the point where I am beginning to deviate from the recipes slightly and experiment with ratios and other ingredients to fit my own tastes.

GOOD MORNING: Part of the club

A couple weeks ago, I was writing an in-depth story about after-school programs in the area. As I was writing this story and speaking with local Boys & Girls Club representatives, it occurred to me that I had the opportunity to get out of the newsroom and get a better firsthand experience covering this story. Part of this desire, I confess, is during my school days I never had the opportunity to participate in an after-school program, so I was curious to see what went on at one.

GOOD MORNING: Don’t dash the em dash

Next to a strong grasp of grammar and storytelling techniques, one of the most important skills a journalist should have is a thorough understanding of punctuation. Knowing the proper places to put commas, colons or apostrophes is an important part of putting together a quality story. Without those tools, the words in a sentence can be a jumble that don’t make much sense.

GOOD MORNING: Hot Summer Nights did not disappoint

When I spoke with Sarah McRae, Sherman’s new tourism/Main Street manager, in February about her plans for this year’s Hot Summer Nights concert series, she said city staff were talking about household names. Now in my experience, most households pay attention to vastly different things, so I wasn’t sure Sherman would actually be able to get names that the majority of local households would recognize. But when the three big names — Foghat, Marshall Tucker Band and Los Lonely Boys — were announced Monday, I was impressed.