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Good Morning

Do better tomorrow

Mistakes happen. It’s a fact of life. Sometimes they’re little mistakes: The chicken cooked too long and now it’s dry. Sometimes they’re huge mistakes that make us want to crawl back under the covers and stay there until a week or two has passed.

Short on sleep

This past week I went to see my family in Houston. Google Maps clocks the drive at four and a half hours, and I like to be there by lunch. This means I’m usually out the door by 7 in the morning, 7:30 at the latest.

You’ve built it to last, Papa

My father has mentioned tools to me. I know what a hammer looks like and how it’s used. I’m pretty familiar with screw drivers and know screws are preferable to nails in most cases. I’m not too skilled with an electric screwdriver but I know how to use it. He talked to me about unclogging a sink. I wonder what new handyman advice I can pull from him.

Looking at the long range

I am obsessed, once again, with the 10-day weather forecast. It has been a while since it fascinated me so, but here we are again. The problem is I am waiting for the heat to break. Yes, I know, it took forever to get here this year and I am likely to have to wait awhile, but I can’t help it.

Waiting for fall

Some people think of spring as the time to clean everything and make changes. For me, I find the fall a better time to do such things, at least as good a time to do so.

Yes, I do speak metric

I have a new car, and it has all the fancy gizmos inside — touch screen, navigation, hands-free phone, all of that stuff — but it does make me miss my old car, which had an on-board computer of its own.

It’s the Daily Double!

True confessions: I’m a “Jeopardy!” addict. Maybe it stems from my role as a minor player on a state champion Knowledge Bowl team in high school, or maybe because I find comfort in Alex Trebek’s non-mustachioed face and condescending tone; I don’t know.

Contests and Promotions

Hanging on to summer fun

“The pumpkins are coming, the pumpkins are coming” was the notice I got from a magazine to which I subscribe digitally. The message was meant to advertise their yearly front cover devoted to pumpkins as the sign that autumn has arrived. Generally this time of the year makes me want to dance.

Twelve days of The Simpsons

When I heard last week that someone was putting on a marathon of every episode of The Simpsons, I thought it was a joke. After being on television for 25 seasons, how long would it take to show all of them? It turns out, 12 days.

To the ones we love

Sometimes it’s to relatives, sometimes it’s to a particular cause or belief, and sometimes it’s to a job, but no matter the driving force, we all seem to find something worth our dedication.

They are even better live

I am a sucker for live music. I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend than going to a concert. I’ll see everything from Beethoven to Bob Dylan, whether I care about the musician or not and no matter how early I have to get up the next morning. Probably 50 percent of the T-shirts I own were bought at merchandise tables before some show or other.

A special day

Recently I was privileged to get to go along with my little niece as she picked out the supplies she will take with her to the first grade. I, some might recall reading here, have a bit of thing for office and school supplies so this was a real treat for me. Or at least I thought it would be a treat.

Doodled out

Google’s founders famously started their search engine company with the slogan “Don’t be evil,” and in the intervening years they’ve involved themselves with countless humanitarian and socially fluffy causes to pretend they don’t milk $60 billion each year from us. And the public face of that motto has become the Goole Doodle, in which the company uses its minimal homepage to champion some cause or celebrate an anniversary by transmogrifying its logo in some cutesy way.