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A special day

Recently I was privileged to get to go along with my little niece as she picked out the supplies she will take with her to the first grade. I, some might recall reading here, have a bit of thing for office and school supplies so this was a real treat for me. Or at least I thought it would be a treat.

Doodled out

Google’s founders famously started their search engine company with the slogan “Don’t be evil,” and in the intervening years they’ve involved themselves with countless humanitarian and socially fluffy causes to pretend they don’t milk $60 billion each year from us. And the public face of that motto has become the Goole Doodle, in which the company uses its minimal homepage to champion some cause or celebrate an anniversary by transmogrifying its logo in some cutesy way.

The risks of writing

In the 19th century, because of advances in printing technology and growing literacy, the serial novel became an increasingly popular way to deliver written works to the masses.

Happy birthday, Julia

Julia Child would be 102 today were she still alive. If anyone reading this doesn’t know who I am talking about, that person should immediately go out and rent “Julie and Julia” and then be amazed. Of course, one could also just go to the local public television channel and watch the original episodes of Julia Child’s cooking programs. That would be enough to bring anyone who didn’t know who she was or why the world should take notice of her birthday up to speed.

The Wall

On Sunday, I wrote a Good Morning about historic events that happened in this week in years past. As I was talking to my father over the weekend, he asked if I remembered another historical anniversary — it is the one I’d never expect him to forget.

The art of the mix tape

One of my clearest early memories is of helping my sister make a mix tape. We made a new one every year for our summer vacation. I remember waiting, my finger on the “record” button of the tape deck, while my sister lined up the right track on the record player.

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A battle of pastimes

This is always a tough time of year for me. As a sports fan, it should be heavenly — the beginning of football season overlapping with the final two months of the baseball regular season — but it’s not. It’s stressful.

This week in history

Last week was pretty exciting for me as both a journalist and a history buff. We commemorated both the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I and remembered, 40 years ago, when President Richard Nixon resigned amid the Watergate scandal. It got me thinking, what happened in this upcoming week in years past. It turns out, quite a lot. Here is a list of some of the events that happened in this week in history.

Slot machine helps nap time

After straining my brain at work and home, it’s nice to give the old noggin’ a rest. I do this at times by playing those free online games, like slot machines. However, those goofy slot machines do have a bonafide use – baby sitting!

Good morning Wednesday

“On this day in 1945, at 8:16 a.m. Japanese time, American B-29 bomber the Enola Gay drops the world’s first atom bomb over the city of Hiroshima,” said the entry for this day on

Time is flying by

August is here already? Where did the summer go? It seems like just yesterday we were making plans for the Fourth of July. Well, it was a month ago. Now the start of school is just around the corner and then we will be off an running on the countdown to a new year. I remember once an older friend telling me that the years fly by when you get older.

Words are created

What do William Shakespeare and the writers of the long-running sitcom Seinfield have in common? They both gave us new words and phrases that have made it into our every day speech.

In the name of the law

Police shows — oh man, I hate police shows. On loop at my house is “Criminal Minds,” but they’re all the same, as far as I can tell. Some guy with some weird quirk kills someone and then the plucky detectives spend 44 minutes tracking him down and — surprise! — catches him just before he can kill the next victim, who’s invariably more important/cute/sympathetic than the last one.

Shopping for shoes

There’s something about new things that make me excited. When I was a little girl my mom bought me some “Beauty and the Beast” pajamas with Belle’s face on them, and for the entire day the prospect of going to bed that night wearing my new pajamas made me so excited I could dance.

Venturing into the unknown

I am of the habit of benefiting from married life: When the trash needs to be removed, whisk! When there is a nasty bug present, smush! When the toilet is clogged, plunge! Yet, I jest. I picked a modern man, whose inclination is to leave the less pressing household needs as they are.