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GOOD MORNING: Time for those eggs

It is Holy Week and that means it is way past time for me to have my yearly Easter treat — Cadbury Creme Eggs. Though I have, on occasion, been known to eat WAY too many of them, I generally just have one a year. Really, one is quite enough.

GOOD MORNING: Growing up

As you get older, birthdays seem to lose the excitement they once held. What once was a day for partying and presents now feels like any other — except for the cake. That part never changes.

GOOD MORING: I blame taxes

I’ve always been independent, but the last bit of financial support from my family disappeared after graduating in May. The reality of adulthood hit hard with a long list of things to do — alone. Finding a place to live, a full-time job and the general responsibilities of being a post-grad seemed daunting at first but thankfully, I found myself in the clear just a month later.


This past weekend was my dear mother’s birthday, so once again I braved the trip to Houston. These weekends are never relaxing for me. Usually we like to go play, and in this case, we actually went to see a play at Houston’s Hobby Center.

GOOD MORNING: Short on ideas

I’ve never just been “a day late and a dollar short.” I’ve always been decades late and a truck load of money short, and not just short of money, but of good ideas. Take critter clothing, for instance.

GOOD MORNING: Send in the poems

With just about a week to go until April, otherwise known as National Poetry Month, I confess I am getting a little worried. In the past few years, it has been the Herald Democrat’s practice to yield our Good Morning space to poets during the Month of April. The practice lets our readers share some of their talent with words and it gives our Good Morning writers a month long rest to recharge their batteries. We will run the poems that are printed in both our print and online publications. Those who have a photo they would like to submit with their poem may do so for the online edition.

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GOOD MORNING: Finding serenity in ballparks

Everyone has a place where they find peace in the midst of hectic lives. Some find it out in the country while others somehow find a nook in the city to calm their nerves. Coffee shops, yoga studios and community parks are some of the most popular picks. But for me, I find my serenity at a baseball park.

GOOD MORNING: My trivial pursuits

The first vivid memory I have of playing games was when I was about 6 at a New Year’s Eve party. My parents were involved in an intense game of “Taboo,” and it looked like everyone was having such a good time that I wanted to play, too. My mom let me help her come up with ways to describe the words. From then, I was hooked.

GOOD MORNING: Closet on wheels

With my lease not being up until June, I don’t have the luxury of living in the area just yet. My commute is about 40 minutes, which isn’t too bad but that leaves me with only one option: don’t forget my phone or wallet at home. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced that problem and I hope to never write a future Good Morning column about it.

GOOD MORNING: Show us how you see the world

When Texoma got what seemed like more than its fair share of wintry weather recently, we asked you to submit your pictures of the blankets of snow. We promised to pick a staff favorite and the photographer would receive two movie passes. Well, here’s your winner: Mandi Rose of Anna for her picture of her daughter, Presley, enjoying the snow. You can see her submission here .

GOOD MORNING: The sink of manliness

Last year, my fellow newspeople and I happened to each write about the experience of unclogging a sink. My friend Nate Strauch wrote about how do-it-yourself plumbing is declining in the manlier population and friend Michael Hutchins wrote that unclogging a sink doesn’t require “manliness” but that the success of a free-flowing one sure does bring on a feeling of accomplishment, perhaps attributed to “manliness.” Then there was my own piece about how atypical it was for a woman to unclog her own sink .

GOOD MORNING: Still shocked

I’ve tried, over the course of my adult life, to make myself into something of a handyman. I’ve curdled concrete. I’ve fixed flooring. Torqued tile. Heck, I’ve even piqued plumbing.

Reigniting a love for books

When I was a child, there were few times you could find me without my nose in a book. Starting in elementary and running through high school, I would read books on a myriad of topics and genres, both fiction and non-fiction. Now, as I have gotten older, I want to return to that habit.