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GOOD MORNING: Monsters in the closet

Has anyone else noticed their home is silent and still while all the lights are on? Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed as soon as I turn out the lights and get ready for bed, the noises begin. I’ll hear creaks, definitive thuds and even the sound of a watch beeping.

The great flea war of 2015

Lots of things bug me. Some I can do something about, but others are about as likely to go away as taxes and death. In other words, they’re here forever! Take fleas, for example.

GOOD MORNING: I have a new favorite sport

I’ve been a huge baseball fan as long as I can remember. I grew up watching games with my father and playing baseball in leagues and with my friends. When baseball season ended, I’d watch football and basketball. In other words, I developed an appreciation for just about every sport.

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The Wedding Expo
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GOOD MORNING: Water, water everywhere

I have an awkward and slightly embarrassing confession: During my preteen years, I was a little chunky. Sure, I find it hard to believe that any child could be stick-thin during those awkward years of 11 to adulthood (maybe I’m exaggerating), but I was a little bigger than most kids my age.

GOOD MORNING: It’s great to see old friends

My first day back at the paper was Monday and one of my first tasks was preparing for that evening’s regular Sherman City Council meeting. Obviously this was right up my alley, as I had covered the council for the whole of my previous stint at the paper, and it was always one of my favorite meetings to attend.

GOOD MORNING: It’s good to be home

When my wife and I moved from North Texas to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, two years ago, I was expecting it to be the last big move of our lives. We were back at home in Louisiana, which we both thought was a long-term goal, and living in the same city as a large portion of our families, so I figured we were in it for the long haul.

GOOD MORNING: More or less wisdom?

I remember taking biology my freshman year of high school and my teacher said she still had all of her wisdom teeth. Because of her, I had hope deep down that I would be one of those people who could get away with not having them removed.

GOOD MORNING: ‘Doing whatever a spider can’

Last week marked 53 years since Spider-Man first graced the pages of Marvel Comics in 1962. In the past 50 years, Spidey has been using the powers of the spider and his own “spider-sense” to fight bad guys and super villains on the streets of New York. At least in comics, that is.

GOOD MORNING: Royal aunties are just like us

This summer I made it my goal to make sure my little niece Stormi had the best summer possible. For some that would have meant sending her to Disneyland or some other fabulous place. That, however, wasn’t in my price range, so we stuck to local entertainment and tried to make the most of our local community.