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GOOD MORNING: Snow cone crisis

Never mind shortages on things like affordable housing, high paying jobs and drive-in movie theaters. We’ve got a much more serious shortage on our hands, one that will affect every human being who calls Texoma home.

GOOD MORNING: Making the world smaller

Over the weekend, I got the opportunity to cover the Grayson County Amateur Radio Club as its members participated in the national field day — a social event that got its start as an emergency communications training exercise.

GOOD MORNING: ‘I like shells’

When “Finding Nemo” came to theaters 13 years ago, I had no idea of its existence. It was almost my birthday and my mom was out of town. My dad had this notion that any time my mother left the house for a period of time, he was going to misbehave. Misbehave here, meaning that he would take the my siblings and me out to dinner and we’d go to the mall and the movies. It was a great time. In 2003, however, I was just getting old enough where it wasn’t exactly cool to be with my dad all the time in public anymore.

GOOD MORNING: Some secrets can leave one wanting answers

I should be banned from attempting to use social media without my reading glasses. It results in all kinds of crazy posts which really aren’t a good thing. Today it resulted in my finding a folder of messages I never knew I had. I am talking about, of course, the Facebook “other folder” on messenger.

GOOD MORNING: When I read you in the summer

Earlier this week I stopped by the Pottsboro Area Library to check out some of the fun activities they have lined up for this summer. Seeing the new books and the list of awesome speakers definitely sparked a twinge of nostalgia in me as I remembered eagerly looking forward to summers when I was a child. I was convinced my library’s summer reading program was second to none. Ponies would come visit, we’d have gardening lessons and guest speakers would read short books or passages of longer books to pique our interest in reading new materials.

GOOD MORNING: Drive-in brings back memories

As a teen, going to the drive-in movies was a weekly thing for me and my friends. The drive-in wasn’t just about seeing a movie outdoors, which, by the way, is pretty cool. It was a social event. Cars and trucks would line up along the rows, the trucks backed in for elevated tail gate, lawn chair or ice chest seating. If it was cold, we’d bring blankets or sit in the vehicle. Kids would play in the grassy area between the front row of cars and the screen. Babies were plopped down on quilts. We would saunter up and down the aisles, stopping to visit with people we knew — and there was always someone we knew.