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GOOD MORNING: I deserve my text chirp

One of my favorite aspects of modern cellphones is having the ability to really personalize them. Like many people, my phone is indispensable for me. I have all my contacts in it, as well as pictures, reminders and music albums.

Good Morning: Full-time journalist, part-time babysitter

In the last two weekends, my boyfriend, Justin, and I have had the pleasure of babysitting two little cousins who just moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Cecilia, who is 7, and Madison, who is 4, already adore us so we wanted to live up to their high expectations of us being the best adult supervisors on the planet. So far, the plan has worked.

GOOD MORNING: Frederick Douglass’ impact on Sherman ISD education

To kick off the first day of Black History Month, Google’s homepage devoted its doodle to Frederick Douglass, an African-American who escaped slavery and became one of the most influential abolitionists in the 19th century. Douglass was also known for his eloquence as an orator and openly shared his belief that all humans, regardless of race, gender and nationality, were created equal.

GOOD MORNING: Racing to donate blood

When I heard the Texoma Regional Blood Center was in dire need of blood donors last week, I immediately wished I could help, but I’d given blood too recently to donate again. But I hope people know that donating blood is an easy way to assist the community and help people in need, plus it can be fun.

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GOOD MORNING: Wisdom can come from anywhere

About a week ago, my great-aunt died. My dad was really close to her, driving to Denton several times a month to visit with her and help her out around her home. He has always been the type who likes to visit people, and he always recognized the wisdom and knowledge that can be gained when you just sit and talk to someone whose life story is a little different.

GOOD MORNING: Getting a new sister

I love talking to my family. Maybe it helps that I never get to see them since they’re down in Houston, but any time I get a text from my parents or siblings I want to leap for joy. They’re all pretty busy, though, and usually a message from me will go days without getting an answer. For the record, I am much better about getting back to them than they are at getting back to me. Maybe because I miss them.

GOOD MORNING: Keeping my car clean

I recently got a new car and I’m very excited about it because it’s the first time I’ve ever had one that was brand new. In the past, it was always exciting when I would get a vehicle that was new to me, but they were always used and several years behind the times, so I was happy to just make them work until I needed a new one.

GOOD MORNING: Dressing up for a new goal

My mother used to love to dress me up. I look just like her so you can think of me as her mini-me mannequin. When I was a child, if we were not dressed just alike, I was dressed in an outfit she wanted for herself if they made it in adult sizes.

GOOD MORNING: Texoma mahjong players welcoming

Recently, I wrote a Good Morning column about wanting to find a group to play a game I first learned in college — namely, mahjong. When I wrote the column, I expected that I might get some response from readers. Part of me hoped for it because it might give me a chance to play.

GOOD MORNING: Ready with my hard hat

I’ve driven cross country a couple times in my life. When driving through a bustling city or patiently pushing through a phase of construction, I’ve caught myself wondering what it would be like to operate an excavator or something similar. For those of you who have had the same kind of wonder, you’ll be able to experience it for yourself in Texoma.