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GOOD MORNING: Expanding my culinary horizons

For those who do not regularly read my Good Mornings, for the past year I have been on something of a personal quest: to learn how to cook for myself. In the past year, I have had some great successes (and epic failures) with teaching myself to rely on something other than fast food for my sustenance. Now, it’s time to take it to the next level.

GOOD MORNING: Knock, knock

It is a holiday week, so I think we should all have a little extra fun. To get that ball rolling, I would like to dedicate this good morning to some good humor. OK, since the jokes come from the Internet maybe not such good humor. But hopefully, they will put a smile on your faces.

GOOD MORNING: Memories are greater than gifts

Like the old saying goes, “time flies.” Somehow I celebrated my 24th birthday last weekend. I wasn’t ready for it, but I didn’t have a choice. I just thank God that I didn’t hit 25 because that would mean it would be time for my quarter-life crisis and no one is ready to help me deal with that!

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GOOD MORNING: What dreams may come

I wouldn’t say my desk is clean. Usually I’ve got a stack of newspapers and notes that seem to overtake every square footage of flat surface available. This past week, however, my desk has been more cluttered than usual with echinacea pill bottles, a box of teas, honey and tissues.

Highs and lows of moving

I don’t think I know a single person who likes to move. It means taking the time out of your already hectic life to organize and pack then somehow find the energy to move all the stuff to another location. And if you’re anything like me, I’ve accumulated a bunch of things I don’t need so that just adds another step to the process.

GOOD MORNING: Pools of fun

This past week has been quite a blur for me. Work is always busy, but the real dizziness this week has come from trying to keep up with the little fish in our family. My niece got a season pass to the Splash for all of her hard work in the first grade.

GOOD MORNING: On the Radio

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no such thing as finding the “perfect” radio station, for one main reason: Most radio stations tend to confine themselves to just one genre, and there’s too much good music in existence for that format to be effective anymore.

GOOD MORNING: Hair-brained ideas

How do men get a good haircut? My boys’ hair has been cut a few times since they were born, either by my mother or my mother-in-law, and every time I was disappointed. I finally took them to a barber. I still got disappointed. I don’t know what I’m looking for in a haircut for men, except I want it to be long but not in their eyes. Yet every time their hair is cut it comes out short.