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GOOD MORNING: That first word read

I know that most of you might expect a good morning column about snow. More snow? Come on! We’ve had enough snow, at least for our part of the country. I know in Boston they wouldn’t say the same thing about us.

GOOD MORNING: Almost time for the poems again

April is right around the corner, and that means National Poetry month is right around the corner. Readers of this space may remember that for the last several years, the Herald Democrat has devoted it to area poets in celebration of wordsmiths everywhere.

GOOD MORNING: I have a confession

Growing up in the northeast, I take pride in knowing what to do when Mother Nature decides to throw us a curveball and it snows. Something just switches on inside my brain and I’m on a mission. Certain things are second nature to me, such as leaving my windshield wipers up the night before it snows or clearing off the roof of my car so I’m not the person putting other lives in danger when ice slides off. But I think the biggest weapon you can have to combat the snow is a four-wheel drive SUV.

GOOD MORNING: A long, prosperous life (+video)

As a child, one the earliest memories I still have was sitting and watching a movie in the living room of our then-new home. My father told me the name of the movie, but “Star Trek” didn’t mean much to my 4-year-old brain. While I remember little of the plot, I can remember turning to my father and asking, “Who is the guy with the pointy ears?”

GOOD MORNING: The day of rest

If I spoke with any of the readers of this Good Morning last week, I do apologize for any time I coughed into the phone’s microphone or if you had any trouble hearing me. I was sick last week, and I had last Wednesday off anyway, but it was as good a time as any to take a good old-fashioned sick day.

GOOD MORNING: Acts of kindness appreciated

When it comes to simple acts of kindness, I’m the world’s worst at “meaning to” but failing to follow through. My excuse, like many other people’s, is that I’m too busy. A recent act of unsolicited kindness by a co-worker brought that fact home to roost.

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GOOD MORNING: Let it snow

Imagine my envy waking up Monday and Tuesday morning to all my college friends in Oklahoma proclaiming their joy at their snow day. While I’m glad temperatures haven’t gotten as cold as that here in Texoma, the weather does make me a bit bitter. The way I see it, there’s simply no point for it to be this cold unless we have something to show for it – in this case, snow.

Live from New York, 40 years later

When I originally heard that Saturday Night Live was going to be celebrating its 40th season with a special over the weekend, I was surprised at first; I didn’t realize that it had been on that long. In my lifetime, it has always been there, a staple of the late-night television scene, so at times it has been easy to take the show for granted.

GOOD MORNING: Like riding a bike

I played the French horn from the time I was in sixth grade until my freshman year of college. Once I was finished with marching band at the University of North Texas and shifted my focus to other things, my French horn playing took a hiatus. It lasted a few years, and ended a few weeks ago!