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GOOD MORNING: Wheelchair ramps and mailboxes

Recently, I had the opportunity to partake in an annual day of service with my church called, We Are The Sermon. Some readers may remember when I participated in this last year . Instead of holding a typical Sunday morning sermon and church service, we went out into the community to perform acts of service.

GOOD MORNING: ‘Colours are what keep me alive’

After installing fresh batteries in my player, I put on an old CD and soon a voice floated into the room: “Colours are what keep me alive.” This is a lyric from the song “Colours” by a British band (hence the spelling “colours”) called Hot Chip. I listened to them a lot in college. Instantly, I remembered how I felt during that time and, especially, why I fell in love with my husband.

GOOD MORNING: Rocket and Gatsby

As summer faded away and autumn swept in, it seemed there was an online epidemic. Everyone on my Facebook feed seemed to be in a sudden panic that summer was ending and nothing major had happened to them yet. I believe this is the reason my news feed became cluttered with announcements on births, pregnancy, marriages, divorces and engagements. Right on the heels of these announcements came my other friends, most of whom are single, who announced their adoptions of a new fur baby.

GOOD MORNING: Binge-watching can be confusing

Like a lot of people these days, I have started binge-watching different television shows through digital streaming services because it’s a great way to catch up on shows I missed the first time around. There have been so many quality programs produced over just the last 15 years that there’s just no way to keep up with everything. However, there’s so much available at my fingertips these days that I sometimes get overwhelmed.

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GOOD MORNING: Get rid of the penny

I find the penny to be practically useless and believe many people must agree that it has become a public nuisance. Why else would so many places offer a receptacle near cash registers where one could “take a penny” and/or “leave a penny”?

GOOD MORNING: It’s about time

My cell phone stopped taking pictures about six months ago. I do not have enough storage space for the camera to even come on. So, unlike most people in my generation, I have just lived without that ability.

GOOD MORNING: Shattered chicken and other crazy meals

Though I watch probably five cooking shows a week, cooking really isn’t my passion in life. I can cook enough to keep people fed and prevent starvation from taking hold, but it isn’t the thing I wake up in the morning longing to do. That said, there are a few things that I can make that people actually request on a repeated basis.

GOOD MORNING: Parking lot panic

I’ve always been fairly laid back. Lots of things that get other people discombobulated or startled only cause me to shake my head and move on. I usually don’t get bent out of shape or turn into a screaming banshee — unless a spider is involved. I’ve learned those actions rarely get me anywhere. There are, however, some things (besides spiders) that will cause me to blow a gasket, and I almost did the other day.