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GOOD MORNING: Pokemon Go not a novel idea

Call me old, but what’s all the to do about Pokemon Go? Folks have been wandering around looking for specific objects for years — maybe even centuries! It’s called a scavenger hunt. And from my viewpoint, they can be much more fun, educational and useful than sauntering around in pajamas like a zombie waiting for a weird cartoon object to appear on the cell phone screen.

GOOD MORNING: Who is ready for back to school?

High temperatures always seem to makes the days of summer drag for me, because, no matter what time I go outside, it’s still too hot to enjoy the day. So it’s hard to believe we’re already more than halfway through the summer, which means it’s nearly back-to-school time. And that’s an exciting time of the year for parents, teachers and students.

GOOD MORNING: My Olympic injury

Basic injuries — sprains, strains, cuts, bruises, broken bones — can occur for lots of reasons, most of which are perfectly understandable. Others, like most of mine, happen in dumb, almost unbelievable ways. My most recent malady is one example.

GOOD MORNING: Going for gold

Probably the least productive thing I’ve done for myself is follow the official Olympics accounts on Facebook and Twitter. One second I’m posting a story I’ve been working on to Twitter or a funny photo to Facebook, and then I’ve completely forgotten my task as I watch clips of swimmers and gymnasts at tryouts for the Olympics.

GOOD MORNING: Just keep scrolling

I guess my job as a newspaper reporter is a pretty big giveaway to the fact that I love words. I am especially fond of inspirational quotes. While I like the ones found on posters and bookstores and libraries, I am really most often floored by the ones found on social media platforms.

GOOD MORNING: Goodness in small towns

I watched, almost in disbelief, as last Saturday’s storm bulldozed its way through our community. I caught myself thinking sarcastically, “Oh great — an actual, life-threatening storm to end an already emotionally stormy week of horrific tragedies.”

GOOD MORNING: The power of nature

As the reporter on duty last weekend, I got a first hand look at the damage that Saturday’s storms brought with them. In spite of there being little to no injuries in these storms, the whole episode served as a reminder of the power Mother Nature wields.

GOOD MORNING: Texoma Heroes

I imagine that awareness of the danger law enforcement face on a daily basis is always in the backs of their minds. Still, they charge in every day, putting themselves between the public and danger. They do it because it is their sworn duty, a life they have chosen and a calling.

GOOD MORNING: Children’s sports can be more fun

As much as I love professional sports, there’s just something about children’s sporting events that can be thrilling on a whole other level. In my experience, it doesn’t really matter what sport is being played — that level of spontaneity is present in everything from baseball to billiards.