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Reviving vinyl

My wife and I have reached back several decades and joined a growing number of modern music lovers using old technology to listen to current tunes. For Christmas we received a record player.

What makes a woman

One of the things I most like to read is magazine articles. One of my favorite types of magazine articles is the kind that tells me, and other women around the world, what we should have in our closet for the upcoming season. I say upcoming because fashion editors always work at least one, but most likely two, seasons ahead of everyone else.

SOTU hangover

No matter what political ideology you call your own, I think there’s one thing to which we should all agree: The State of the Union speech is well past its sell-by date.

French daydreams

Since apparently we, the writing staff at the Herald Democrat, are now using this space to lobby for new places to eat, I must say that I would approve Ann’s request for a Waffle House, but only if I get a La Madeleine.

Positive change

On the day when the nation’s mind is on one of the biggest social changes in its history, it’s worth discussing how we continue the changes Martin Luther King Jr. advanced. And to begin that discussion, I’d like to talk about the Christopher Nolan movie “Inception.”

Looking for a fix

I’m going to use this Good Morning column to address a pressing issue affecting the area that I think deserves more attention: There are NO Waffle Houses in Texoma!

Cow horns and catfish calls

When I was a little kid my grandfather had a hollow cow horn with a mouth piece on it that he would blow on when it was time to feed the cattle. He would blow on that horn, making a loud noise, then yell, “Here cows.” I would sit in amazement as, after a few minutes, the cows would come running from the farthest reaches of the pasture.

Contests and Promotions

The Wedding Expo
The Wedding Expo
Herald Democrat Wedding Expo 2015

Politeness out the window

I was raised with some basic politeness. Though I could be a heathen, I was still expected to obey some social etiquette rules wherever I was. Boy, did I get shafted! Apparently, politeness is no longer required.

Losing a step

Being a sports fan brings a certain, specific flavor of mortality to your 30s. Whereas, in general society, 40 is the age generally acknowledged as life’s continental divide — the tipping point where you start slipping down the other side of the proverbial hill — living vicariously through athletes moves that mark up by a decade.

Cooking involves more than cooking

Those who regularly read my columns would know that for the past year I’ve been trying to learn how to cook for myself. When I started, I didn’t expect it to be easy. However there seems to be more to it, more than simply cooking, than I ever expected.

Wedding planning: a marriage’s first test

My wife and I were engaged in December of 2008. We graduated college the same month and headed to our first jobs in southeast Arkansas. We planned to marry in Oklahoma City, and two of our closest friends were off to England for two years, beginning in June of 2009. Everything conspired to leave only one option for a date: Memorial Day weekend.

Ingenuity and the kitchen sink

As many who have read my columns in the past might know, I have been slowly leanring how to cook for myself since I moved out on my own just over a year ago. What I never expected to learn in my adventures in cooking was how to be handier around the house.

Moms are people too

When I think of my mother I often think of her in relation to myself. What she means to me, how I affected her life, and even how I can please her, which is a way of thinking myself onto her life. I probably please her by being alive. At least, I did when I was born.

Let it snow?

Now that the new year has begun, I like to play a little game. I ask myself, as the days accumulate, when is it going to snow in Texomaland? In 2013 it snowed at the end of November. Then it iced. For weeks. I have a very vivid memory of trudging through snow covered sidewalks and lawns as I walked to a friend’s house. My footsteps left two-inch deep footprints.

A bad year for movies

As I sat down to write my yearly “Top Five Movies” column for the last year, I came upon a particular problem: I couldn’t find five movies from 2014 that I really enjoyed. Aside from “Boyhood” — which was a life-altering level of good — and “The Lego Movie” — which was one of the most enjoyable movie experiences I’ve ever had — the well was pretty dry.