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GOOD MORNING: My father’s father

For about the past six months my father has taken up the hobby of genealogy. I don’t know what sparked this interest all of a sudden, but as a student of history I can appreciate the curiosity of wanting to know where our family came from.

GOOD MORNING: Pandora’s toolbox

I spent last weekend making some “open shelving” for my kitchen, which, I’m told, is “in” these days, according to the people who “decide” such things. But I didn’t install the shelves because they’re “in,” I installed them because my garbage disposal sprung a leak.

GOOD MORNING: Facts for coffee lovers

Perhaps as you’re reading this column, you’ve already had your first sip of coffee today — that eye-opening elixir that you swear boosts your productivity and might be the only reason you can smile during the day. I’m right there in that camp with you. Sometimes all a bad day needs is a good cup of Joe to turn it around.

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GOOD MORNING: The love behind late night snacks

Whether it’s your mother or grandmother, I think everyone has that one person in your family that makes sure everyone has had enough to eat. For me, it’s my 80-year-old aunt Barbara who goes above and beyond to make sure you walk away from the table with an empty plate and a full stomach.

Long Line of Cars

The president’s visit to Texoma this afternoon brought to mind my brief brush with American royalty: I saw George W. Bush wave at some people one time as he was getting into his limo. Which isn’t particularly interesting. But I was in the driver’s seat of a van in his motorcade at the time, which I guess is slightly more interesting.

GOOD MORNING: Back from staycation

For the past 11 days, I tried real hard not to read a newspaper, magazine or even a newsy social media post. In fact, I tried hard to stay off of social media altogether. I wasn’t successful at that. I did post a few things, but I didn’t watch too much news.

GOOD MORNING: My return to the land of pizza, bagels

If you noticed that my byline has been missing from the paper, it’s because I was away on vacation in New Jersey for the past week. I generally visit about twice a year to spend time with my family and catch up with old friends. To put things in perspective, the majority of my loved ones live in northeast New Jersey, not far from New York City.