A last Friday of freedom for local students

Most Fridays are greeted warmly with thoughts of the weekend to come. But this Friday, I suspect, will bring a mixture of joy and sadness to thousands of young people around the area. The Friday that ends spring break is a whole different creature than the Friday that marks the beginning of spring break.

The latter is celebrated with reckless abandon, because there are so many days of freedom still to come. The former is relished as those days of freedom begin to dwindle. Really, young people in this area have had so many bad weather days this year that they have practically had three spring breaks. I am sure that fact is lost on many of them, but maybe not on their parents.

This is my niece’s first spring break and so far, she has spent it happily entertaining her mother and grandmother. Today is my day to spend some time with her, and though I am not sure, exactly what we will get up to on her last Friday of her first spring break, I am sure she will make it memorable.

Looking over my social media pages the past few days has left me with no shortage of ideas on how to spend our time. Many of my friends have posted photos of amusement parks and the like. Though Stormi might like a day of rides, her auntie isn’t up for the day of long lines. So, she will probably settle for a local park and amusement of our making. I am thankful that I probably have this one last year in which she will still think that a pretty cool way to spend her break.

Happy Birthday Friday to Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum of Pottsboro, Rachel Whiteley, Don Belcher, Howard Shivers, Wanda McKee, Sterling Brown, and Nina Fay Andrews, all of Sherman; Dena Morris of Sherwood Shores, twins Kendalyn Reding and Tate Reding of Denison and Reba Gattis of Howe.

Happy Birthday Saturday to Helen Quimby, Sierra McMurtry, Dominique Johnson, Calleen Swanson, all of Sherman; James Hood of Denison and brother Randy Hood of Sherman; Jay Hennen of Pottsboro; Bertha Hopkins of Ector; Arron May of Bells; Dennis Davila of Houston; and Betty Klingman Fry of Albuquerque New Mexico.

Happy Anniversary Friday to Cade and Amanda Butler of Frisco, 5 years and James Edward Clark and Barbara Clark of Denison, 45 years.

Happy Anniversary Saturday to Richard and Barbara Simpson of Denison, 22 years and Thurman and Debra Dehorney of Sherman.


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