Looking at the long range

I am obsessed, once again, with the 10-day weather forecast. It has been a while since it fascinated me so, but here we are again. The problem is I am waiting for the heat to break. Yes, I know, it took forever to get here this year and I am likely to have to wait awhile, but I can’t help it.

I mean, that is why they call it an obsession right? It is a better obsession than some I might pursue. For instance, I could hang out on Facebook and count the number of pregnancy announcements. (What was in the water 6 or 7 months ago?)

See, I told you the weather was a better obsession. The Weather Center says this area is supposed to reach a high of 77 degrees on Sept. 10 with a low of 61 and there is supposed to be an 80 percent chance of rain.

Oh that it would be true. I love days when the highs are in the 70s. Those are nearly perfect days, weather wise. It is cool in the morning and then cool again at night, but not cool enough that you can’t go outside and get things done. Of course, the 80 percent chance of rain might rule out too much outside stuff. Still, who doesn’t like a little rain?

Really with the exception of Sept. 4 and 5, this whole ten-day is pretty interesting. No, the highs are not all in the 70s, but this is late summer in Texas. The 80s are a pretty magical sweet spot in themselves aren’t they? When I think about heat this time of the year, I always think about how miserable I would be sitting in the stands on a Friday night in a band uniform. The 90s are sheer heck. The 80s are survivable if there is a breeze and said uniform has been recently cleaned. The 70s are easy peasy and 60s are perfection, if there is a slight breeze.

None of those temperatures are fun if the humidity is above 70 percent.

Yes, I know it seems odd for someone so far removed from marching band to still think of temperatures in such terms. I guess you can take the girl out of the marching band, but can never really take the marching band out of the girl — no matter how gray her hair gets.

Happy birthday Friday to Saundra Rea, Jerry Canady, Keith Ray, and L.D. Morgan, all of Sherman; Shona Taylor Sr. of Denison; Gloria Sasser Myatt of Pottsboro; Rebecca Lyn Thomas of Savoy; and Malena Furtch of Bonham.


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