Stickers are a problem

The lowly grass burr – also known as a sticker – has always been one of the most annoying banes of my existence. I believe they’re malevolent-thinking, living entities placed here by aliens and ordered to cause as much discomfort as possible. They do it well.

As a child, I was outside a lot, roaming the yard and pasture. Unfortunately, much of that great outdoor experience was taken up by my being held captive with one or both feet and/or hands covered in stickers. On especially bad situations, I’d be forced to sit down. That usually didn’t end well, either.

I did have shoes and I could’ve worn them. But then I’d have missed feeling the squishy mud, dewy grass, warm sand, cool water, crackly leaves and unexpected stuff (like freshly-dropped, well-camouflaged cow pies) on my bare feet. It’s just not the same in sneakers.

I was reminded of how dastardly stickers are recently. I was walking Sarah, our roly-poly wiener dog, in the pasture. Her doggy smile was a mile wide as she ran around like an out-of-control beach ball. Suddenly, she stopped. She was picking at her front paw, but kept falling over due to her short legs and round body. I checked her paw and, sure enough, stickers had attacked. I picked them off all her paws — naturally, they all stuck to me — and we were ready. I gave Sarah’s leash a tug and she started to follow but stopped again and plopped her rather wide backside on the ground. I checked all four paws — again — pulled out more stickers — again — and we were good, that is until Sarah stood up. Her furry southern portion was covered in burrs. After another few minutes of de-stickering poor Sarah, she was happy and I was bleeding, but that’s okay. I picked up her bowling ball body, and we headed to a stickerless area.

Guess I’ll have to get sneakers for Sarah, too.

Happy birthday Thursday to Mary Hawkins Graham and Emeli Ann Christianson, both of Denison; Duke Walker, Jim Byrum and Ann Owens, all of Sherman; Bryan Blevins of Frisco; Max Branham of DeRidder, La.; Marcia Ausley McCall of Kerrville; Jocelyn Tillett of Randolph; Beverly Braxton of Ector; Phyllis Green of Honolulu, Hawaii; Noble Childress of Chicago, Ill.; Alyviah Brown of Duluth, Minn.; Dorothy Belt of Hethzibah, Ga.; Paulette Burson, DeVante Bennett and Zarrion Johnson.

Happy anniversary Thursday to Robert and Frances Reynolds of Sherman, 71 years.


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