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Letters to the Editor

Today’s youth not so bad after all

Last night we were negotiating the dangerous, poorly planned intersection of U.S. Highway 82 and U.S. Highway 75 South when, from out of nowhere a car whizzed passed and darted in front of us in order to make the turn. If I had not reacted quickly and let off the accelerator we might have collided. It so happened that we were headed for the same restaurant and this car zipped into a parking place two cars down from the place we chose.

State of the Union left out creator

As I watched Obama’s State of the Union speech I was extremely impressed because it was full of a sense of improvement that has been produced by hard work, diligence, overcoming tremendous obstacles and it reflected such an encouraging and promising vision for America.

The Super Bowl

The relationship between sports teams and their host cities almost defies explanation. Why should millions of geographically co-located people consider a for-profit business emblematic of their relative worth as a state or city? Mark Cuban doesn’t consider spending money on the Mavericks just so the state will be well represented among its peers. And yet people in North Texas feel like the successes of the Mavs and Cowboys and Rangers and Stars represent some sort of regional validation.

Memories of growing up in the 1930s

When you want to get the full story, the best thing to do when possible is to go to the people who were there or involved. This was the case Monday when a group of Colbert residents, my age and older, got together for a very interesting history session arranged by Wyota Hannan.

LETTER: El Niño a warning of things to come

Dave Granlund’s cartoon is priceless. However, this bad baby isn’t merely passing through a phase. He’s warning us of things to come, and we, his parents, are both victims and perpetrators. His behavior, which as parents we can correct, stems from well-intentioned actions of his ancestors that began four or five generations ago but continues to this day.

Contests and Promotions

LETTER: Texas should end attempts to bar refugees

Texas officials have gone to court, to Congress and to the legislature in order to try and prevent the federal government and nonprofit, humanitarian organizations from resettling Syrian refugees in Texas. Attempts to close Texas’s doors to Syrian refugees run counter to our laws, our values and our conscience.

LETTER: More education funding needed on Oklahoma

It would seem the time is here to add a verse to our state song “Oklahoma” with apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein. In addition to the “wind sweeping down the plain” and “watching hawks making lazy circles” we should add “Oklahoma ranking 48th in educational quality.” In January 2015 Education Week gave Oklahoma a D+ in its annual ranking of educational quality indicators according to its Quality Counts K-12 Achievement index. Considering school finance, Oklahoma received another D+ and a ranking of 43rd in low student expenditure. What drives these low ranks? Education funding, or lack thereof, by our state legislators and governor.

LETTER: Time to make gun safety a priority

There have been 22 mass shootings — four or more killed — during the past year, and living in the United States means you’re 20 times more likely to be killed by gunfire than in any other developed nation in the world. Over 30,000 die by guns each year and the toll taken by fear, insecurity and grief is inestimable.

LETTER: Looking for just 10 good men among the refugees

Our “Christian” leaders have our values backward. The good Samaritan did not check the background of the stranger in need before he took him home. He did what many of us do today — evaluated the downsides and found them low enough to risk his most valued possessions — his family and household. The good he balanced against the risk was the good in heeding the directions of God to do what is right in the world.

LETTER: Tax cuts aren’t the answer

Nobody enjoys paying taxes. But we all appreciate having first responders to call when a fire or a burglary upsets our lives. We all want good schools that prepare our children to be happy, successful adults. We all like driving on well-maintained roads that don’t shake our autos to bits with potholes. It’s our taxes that pay for all these services.