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Letters to the Editor

Today’s youth not so bad after all

Last night we were negotiating the dangerous, poorly planned intersection of U.S. Highway 82 and U.S. Highway 75 South when, from out of nowhere a car whizzed passed and darted in front of us in order to make the turn. If I had not reacted quickly and let off the accelerator we might have collided. It so happened that we were headed for the same restaurant and this car zipped into a parking place two cars down from the place we chose.

State of the Union left out creator

As I watched Obama’s State of the Union speech I was extremely impressed because it was full of a sense of improvement that has been produced by hard work, diligence, overcoming tremendous obstacles and it reflected such an encouraging and promising vision for America.

The Super Bowl

The relationship between sports teams and their host cities almost defies explanation. Why should millions of geographically co-located people consider a for-profit business emblematic of their relative worth as a state or city? Mark Cuban doesn’t consider spending money on the Mavericks just so the state will be well represented among its peers. And yet people in North Texas feel like the successes of the Mavs and Cowboys and Rangers and Stars represent some sort of regional validation.

Memories of growing up in the 1930s

When you want to get the full story, the best thing to do when possible is to go to the people who were there or involved. This was the case Monday when a group of Colbert residents, my age and older, got together for a very interesting history session arranged by Wyota Hannan.

LETTER: The ends don’t justify the means

The author feeds on our baser instincts and developed nightmarish responses to actions necessary to protect our families, especially our children. Lots of us have experienced these fears and he carefully crafted mental images to convince himself and perhaps you that the means justifies the end. His whole premise is a get out of jail free card for anyone that tortures people if that action is consistent for the better good, whatever that is.

LETTER: See them for what they are

There is no such thing as insignificant details if you’re seeking the purest form of truth. But details and truth are things Al Sharpton and Rush Limbaugh try to avoid. When your whole existence and relativity depends on your ability to create divisive vitriol, that just won’t do.

Contests and Promotions

LETTER: Remembering Pearl Harbor and SHS

I was pleasantly surprised to open my Dec. 7 Herald Democrat and find Michael Hutchins, reporter, included the Sherman High Class of 1944’s 70-year reunion along with his feature of Pearl Harbor remembered. Those of us who planned the reunion had not realized it was near the anniversary.

LETTER: Cheap gas is good for America

The Saudis have lowered the price of oil to undermine ISIS’ ability to fund itself. ISIS controls oil facilities in both Syria and Iraq and is making an estimate $1 million a day. Considering what could happen if ISIS continues its path of conflagration; the Saudis are making a smart move.

LETTER: Dental care matters

Recently a dear friend of my family came to visit. He has been through some tough times over the past five years. He was laid off from a great job with good health and dental insurance. He has spent the past five years working odd jobs to make ends meet. In his most recent job interview, he was well qualified and would have been hired but was told he has to smile for this job and he can’t due to the shape his teeth are in. He has lost his health and his smile because he no longer can afford dental care.

LETTER: Public smoking a problem

Grayson County Commissioners, what are you thinking letting people smoke in public? What kind of message are you sending to our children? Kids are smarter than you think. Taking them out to restaurants or in public and seeing people smoke sends a message that it’s OK.

LETTER: Judge Brown received worthy tribute

A very special ceremony was held recently in Downtown Sherman with the naming of our Federal Courthouse to honor the late Judge Paul Brown. Judge Brown was nominated by President Reagan to serve as a District Judge for the Eastern District, a position he held for 21 years which is longer than any District Judge in the Eastern District.

LETTER: Getting Africa’s Guineas straight

Thanks to the Herald Democrat for the many helpful articles about Ebola. I offer merely a geo-demographic footnote. There are three Guineas in Africa. The one associated with Ebola is Guinea/Conakry, a former French colony. Guinea/Bissau, a former Portuguese colony, is to its immediate north. Equatorial Guinea, the only Spanish ex-colony in Sub-Saharan Africa, is sandwiched between Cameroun and Gabon safely distant (we hope) from the Ebola-infected areas.