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Letters to the Editor

Today’s youth not so bad after all

Last night we were negotiating the dangerous, poorly planned intersection of U.S. Highway 82 and U.S. Highway 75 South when, from out of nowhere a car whizzed passed and darted in front of us in order to make the turn. If I had not reacted quickly and let off the accelerator we might have collided. It so happened that we were headed for the same restaurant and this car zipped into a parking place two cars down from the place we chose.

State of the Union left out creator

As I watched Obama’s State of the Union speech I was extremely impressed because it was full of a sense of improvement that has been produced by hard work, diligence, overcoming tremendous obstacles and it reflected such an encouraging and promising vision for America.

The Super Bowl

The relationship between sports teams and their host cities almost defies explanation. Why should millions of geographically co-located people consider a for-profit business emblematic of their relative worth as a state or city? Mark Cuban doesn’t consider spending money on the Mavericks just so the state will be well represented among its peers. And yet people in North Texas feel like the successes of the Mavs and Cowboys and Rangers and Stars represent some sort of regional validation.

Memories of growing up in the 1930s

When you want to get the full story, the best thing to do when possible is to go to the people who were there or involved. This was the case Monday when a group of Colbert residents, my age and older, got together for a very interesting history session arranged by Wyota Hannan.

LETTER: A solution for immigration challenges

Regarding the problem of the thousands of children crossing the border into the United States, I am appalled at the reaction of so many Americans who show no regard for the plight of these children. Our law states that they should have a hearing to determine if they are refugees from a dangerous country and if they should be granted asylum in the United States.

LETTER: Regarding the Hobby Lobby decision

The Democratic senator of Massachusetts responded to last month’s Supreme Court decision by saying: “I cannot believe that we live in a world where (we) would even consider letting some big corporation deny the women who work for it access to the basic medical treatments or prescriptions that they need based on vague moral objections.”

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LETTER: Who’s the AG protecting?

If you haven’t been alarmed by Attorney General Greg Abbott’s rulings and lawsuits that outlandishly favor corporations and his political donors, surely his actions in regards to the storage of dangerous chemicals in Texas towns should scare everyone.

LETTER: Public meeting important for Van Alstyne’s future

The Texas Department of Transportation will hold a public meeting on July 15 at Anna Middle School, 1201 North Powell Pkwy from 5:30 to 7:30 pm., concerning expansion of Hwy 5 through Melissa, Anna, and Van Alstyne. TxDOT states the purpose of the public meeting is to “present the proposed project and receive comments,” which are due within 10 days of the public meeting, in writing.

LETTER: Declining health-care costs need a closer look

“Health-care costs overall have been increasing more slowly in recent years compared with the pace before the 2007-09 recession. Slow growth in the price of health-care services combined with a decline in utilization — the amount of health care people consumed — in the first quarter. So lower costs and greater access translated into lower consumption. That’s a head-scratcher,” says a June 25 article from Bloomberg Businessweek .

LETTER: Not the party it once was

Let me tell you why I have not been tempted to vote for you although I once was proud to call you my party of choice. Perhaps it is because you have done absolutely nothing to improve America the last six years. Your solutions are always a witch hunt, a Bible quote or shutting the government down. Granted, you get an “A” for scare tactics.

LETTER: The final frontier

To the accusation that I read too much Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, I would reply that much of our modern technology originates in the imagination of science fiction. I inquired amongst co-workers, “If given the opportunity to go on a mission to mars would you?”The response was unanimously negative.

LETTER: Veterans deserve better

Like many, I am appalled over the last few weeks to hear about just how poorly Veterans Affairs hospitals have treated our heroes. The fact that our country has ignored and hidden the needs of its veterans in Phoenix, Ft. Collins, and anywhere else this scheme was enacted is inexcusable – it’s criminal.