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More on entertainment

When I wrote last Sunday’s column I left out two early clubs in Denison and one of the many across Red River. John Crawford reminded me of one and I later remembered the other two.

The honey-do tax

Take a moment and step into my time machine, dear reader, and let us travel back to Babylon, 1772 BC. Here on the banks of the Euphrates River, we’ll first make a quick stop at the temple of Esagila to tip our caps at the shrine of Nabu. I’m told he’s the Assyrian god of writing, and certain columnists could use all the help they can get.


I have a close friend of mine that just got into a little bit of trouble with the law. This guy has the biggest heart, he is humble, but from time to time I guess he drinks a little. To make a long story short, he made a couple of bad decisions, and decided to drive while under the influence, and now he’s going to jail.

The fruits of impeachment

There’s an old political truism, used semi-exclusively by whichever party finds itself currently in the minority, that serves as three simple words of bitter reminder: “Elections have consequences.”

Disturb us

Often in life it is easy to become complacent with the way things are going. I find that it happens most often, not when things are hard, but when they’re fairly easy. Not when you are on a mountain top or in a valley, but when you’re walking along the plain and have convinced yourself that you have a good handle on your life and say, “Fine,” when people ask you how you are.

The preacher’s rules

Today is a big day for my family, but Sunday’s always are when your dad is a pastor. I suppose, “was” a pastor is more technically correct, but then, that gets to the reason today is special. Today marks the last day behind the pulpit for my dear ol’ pops, as he’s retiring from his church in small-town Colorado after more than 20 years.

MOMENTS WITH THE MINISTER: Finding a good welcome

Isn’t it amazing how welcome you can feel when you step into a restaurant that really has a good business? There’s someone there to greet you, get you to a table, unless there’s a waiting line, see that everyone is seated, and then someone else just as friendly to take your order and serve your food. I appreciate places like that, especially if it turns out they have good food, too.

The elusive loophole in ‘inclusive’ capitalism

A few weeks ago, a few hundred filthy-rich people from around the world gathered in London for the inaugural Conference on Inclusive Capitalism, which billed itself as seeking to “to define concrete steps that all of modern capitalism’s stakeholders can take to renew trust and deliver better social and economic outcomes for all.”

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Who had the worst week in Washington? President Obama

Six years ago, Barack Obama ran for president promising to end what he described as “a dumb war” in Iraq. And in 2012, he campaigned for reelection by declaring that he’d achieved that goal. But this past week, Obama decided to send 300 troops back into the country — one deeply riven by sectarian violence and teetering on the edge of chaos.

Open-carry protests unlikely to sway undecideds

Among those who own guns and consider the Second Amendment just as vital today as it was in 1776 — I count myself a member of both those groups — there is a small segment of people who are passionate about open carry laws. Groups of said individuals have taken to congregating at various stores and eateries armed to the teeth in order to remind society that there’s nothing stopping them from ordering a breakfast burrito with an AR-15 slung ‘round their neck.

Why Are You Here?

Since my girls were very small, I’ve always said prayers with them at night. They are of the age now when they can say their own prayers with me, and it is often very cute. Many times they pray for dogs by name, horses by name, and all sorts of things we might deem silly. I love to listen to them pray. Often they pray to have a good day, or to just have fun the next day. But my daughter is 8 now, and I asked her last night, “What is the real reason we are here on this earth? Is it to have fun?” She said in her 8-year-old words: “To learn about God.” And I thought it was a good answer, but I added to “enjoy Him.”

Dandelion theology: Giving gifts of love

Back when my daughters were young it would not be uncommon for them to present me with a little creation of their own as a gift for their daddy. A page out of their coloring book or a hastily made craft project where some of their favorites, but I’ll never forget a particular gift they gave me many years ago.

Stop signs are forever

I’ve given a lot of thought to what I should name this column since I began writing it a few months ago. Something cutesy like “Nate’s Nook?” Nah, that’s not my style. Maybe a title to impart some gravitas? No, Peggy Noonan’s “Declarations” column in the Wall Street Journal implies a frowning school marm.