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JENNIFER RUBIN: Fiorina shows her political smarts

“Carly Fiorina camp goes to war with the RNC” is exactly the headline she wanted. Her campaign has officially weighed in to reiterate her supporters’ complaints about the qualification criteria for the next debate. Since the last debate, she’s risen dramatically in the polls, but because CNN insists on using all polls since mid-July, she may not make the main event.

JOHN R. SCHINDLER: Her email trouble, explained

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s effort to quash the rising scandal over her misuse of email when she was secretary of state has so far backfired spectacularly. Instead of cutting the story short, she has fanned the flames, and now even some of her backers in the Democratic Party are worried about the trajectory of this drama, which threatens to derail her presidential candidacy.

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ANDRE SPICER: How market chaos hurts millennials

In 1999 when I graduated from college, my classmates and I couldn’t wait to get out into the world. During the heady days of the boom, the world beyond the comfortable ivory tower seemed to be full of opportunities. But things started to look different when the boom turned to bust. Start-ups disappeared. Large firms stopped hiring. Our confidence evaporated.

Should consumers care how Amazon treats its employees?

We’ve heard for years about the hothouse conditions at Amazon’s warehouses. Now the New York Times reports that the company’s white-collar employees face a brutal work environment — long hours, a feedback system that reportedly encourages coworkers to sabotage each other and a work culture that warns a female employee not to let a recent miscarriage affect her work performance.

CHRISTINE M. FLOWERS: What isn’t true about ‘anchor babies’ and the 14th Amendment

I had a former “anchor baby” in my office the other day. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? It’s that almost mythical creature, like the unicorn, the sweet-tempered feminist or the heterosexual Boy Scout leader: a child who will allow his illegal alien parents to become citizens before you can say “God Bless America.”