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It’s OK that Sony is scared of ‘The Interview’

The decision by Sony Pictures to cancel the Christmas Day opening of “The Interview,” a raunchy comedy in which two American journalists try to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, has brought the company in for some hard knocks. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich tweeted, “America has lost its first cyberwar.” The Wall Street Journal warned that the cancellation “will set a precedent for further bullying of a notably weak-kneed industry.”

CAL THOMAS: The rules of war need updating

The attack on a cafe in Sydney by a self-described Islamic cleric with a long police record, left two hostages dead, along with the cleric, one Man Haron Monis. He was an Iranian refugee who enjoyed the hospitality and protection of the Australian government.

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Jeb Bush’s email dump points to a different kind of presidential run

WASHINGTON — Jeb Bush announced last weekend that he is releasing 250,000 emails from his two terms as Florida’s governor. North Korean hackers may be dismayed that he beat them to it, but Bush 2016 boosters are happy. This move, along with a planned e-book incorporating the emails, was taken as the surest sign yet that he is planning a presidential run in 2016. Sure enough, two days later, Bush announced on his Facebook page that he will actively explore a presidential candidacy.

Relationships: Learning how to reestablish self respect

To participate in the world and fulfill your dreams, you need to respect yourself. Without self-respect, you will always feel less than others. Self-respect is a combination of honoring yourself, not accepting negativity from other people, and knowing that you are good enough. If you find that your self-respect is low or missing altogether, you need to do some inner healing. Once your self-respect returns, life can be wonderful again.

Roads, bridges, tunnels should matter to Americans

It’s almost a cliche at this point — the United States needs to spend more on infrastructure. Other countries are running circles around us in the infrastructure department. It’s fashionable to blame this on the Republicans’ scorched-earth tactics against President Barack Obama, and on conservative distrust of government spending in general. And those are certainly factors. Problems with state and local government finances are another issue.

Goodbye, ‘Stephen Colbert’?

Come Thursday, we’ll have to say goodbye to our favorite blowhard political character, “Stephen Colbert.” That’s the day the real Colbert will retire “Colbert” the character as he signs off from his Comedy Central show, “The Colbert Report,” in preparation to take over for David Letterman in 2015.

On anniversary of Sandy Hook tragedy, Congress should act on gun laws

Two years ago this week, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 20 children and six adults were killed in one of the deadliest school shootings in our nation’s history. I will never forget the horror of how those children died — shot at close range with a high-powered rifle, with each child hit as many as 11 times, as a shooter fired more than 150 rounds of ammunition within five minutes. The tragedy was magnified by the realization of what could have happened if the killer had more time — given the time and capacity, he would have killed hundreds of children.