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LEONID BERSHIDSKY: Letting the hungry steal food is no solution

Roman Ostriakov, a 30-year-old Ukrainian living rough in Italy, is on his way to becoming an international cause celebre, or at least a meme. Translated into numerous languages, his story has been in the media and on social networks since Monday, when a court of appeals in Genoa annulled his 2013 conviction for stealing 4.07 euros ($4.68) of cheese and sausage from a supermarket. The court said the food had been taken “out of an immediate and vital need for nourishment.”

RAMESH PONNURU: What Trump must overcome to beat Clinton

In the last four presidential elections, the Republican nominee has never won less than 90 percent of the Republican vote. Republicans won the popular vote only one of those times, in 2004, and when they did they carried 93 percent of Republican voters. Donald Trump has defied the odds before, but they are against his achieving this degree of party unity.

FAYE FLAM: What it would take to fly spaceships to the stars

When the Internet billionaires Yuri Milner and Mark Zuckerberg proposed sending a mission to another solar system, it was hard to separate vision from bluster. Was the idea a plausible next step in mankind’s exploration of space? Or an ego-driven challenge to other space-oriented billionaires - especially Elon Musk and his dreams of colonies on Mars?

What if Cruz wins Indiana?

The mainstream media are all too ready to go with the “Republicans accept Trump” narrative, if only because they cannot wait to get on with the Trump vs. Hillary Clinton brawl. The unlikability of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, general fatigue with the GOP race and creeping fatalism in some GOP quarters — not to mention Trump crowning himself the “presumptive nominee” — serve to reinforce the media story line.

Fiorina pick makes Cruz look crazy, which heck, just might work

I once started touring town with a crown on my head, going from diner to gas station to 4-H festival to church breakfast, announcing myself as Miss Pennsylvania, perfecting my half-smile and perky wave along the way. I did this because, even though I never participated in the Miss Pennsylvania pageant and, in fact, never had a date in high school, I badly needed some momentum in my love life. I figured that if I acted like I’d won a beauty contest, I’d eventually meet a nice doctor. Or something.