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MOMENTS WITH THE MINISTER: Closer than a brother

When I was a kid, I was pretty introverted and I only had about three very close friends throughout my entire childhood and teen years. My sister and I were close in age, and we fought constantly once I got to junior high. My wife on the other hand was pretty extroverted and had many friends. She would probably say though that she only had a handful of very close friends. For whatever reason, God designed us all a little different, but sometimes we find that one person that really gets us, understands us and loves us despite our failures.

Scientists may have just found a really surprising way to see religion from space

A surprising new scientific paper suggests that the pattern of global wildfires varies based on the day of the week - with considerably fewer fires globally on Sunday than on other days. And not only that: It partly attributes this pattern not to anything natural about ecosystems, but rather to human behavioral patterns - including weekly rituals that are ultimately rooted in culture and faith.

Mormons plan to quit over church’s new policy banning baptism in gay families (+video)

Advocates for LGBT Mormons say they’re seeing an unprecedented uproar in the past week about a new church policy banning the baptism of same-sex couples’ children and declaring married gay couples apostates. Some longtime advocates say they know of dozens of Mormons quitting over the new policy. A public group resignation is planned for Saturday and reports are surfacing that church leadership may already be preparing to tweak the controversial edict.