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Mt. Olive celebrates 127 years

DENISON — Mount Olive Baptist church, located at 1131 S. Scullin Avenue in Denison, will be having its 127th church anniversary homecoming celebration at 3 p.m. Sunday with Keith Taylor of Southside Baptist Church as the guest speaker.

Friendly COGIC to ‘Pack A Pew’

The Friendly Church of God In Christ membership team has established a plan of expansion and renovation for their worship center. In order to accomplish these goals, the church body has begun a series of activities that generate funds as well as enlighten, educate, and edify all participants.

MOMENTS WITH THE MINISTER: The great ocean of truth

This Pluto stuff amazes me. Ever since I was a child I have been intrigued by our solar system and space itself. I remember staring up into the sky wondering how big the universe was and debating whether it went on forever or had some end. Neither option really made sense to me which just added to the wonder of it all. So to see pictures of Pluto like we’ve never seen before has just been simply fascinating.

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