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Voices of Faith: Abraham had two sons. Then what happened?

Mohamed Kohia, Rockhurst University professor: In Islam, Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) is labeled as the father of prophets. Among his children was the first born Ishmael (Ismael) and second born Isaac (Ishac). From the offspring of Ismael came only one prophet “Mohammad,” and from the progeny of Ishac came many prophets, including Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus and others (peace be upon them all).

Famed Jesuit priest abducted, beaten and executed in Syria

BEIRUT — An activist Jesuit priest who spent three years living alongside besieged civilians and rebels in the Syrian city of Homs was assassinated Monday, according to the Vatican, which said he was abducted by unidentified gunmen who beat him before executing him in front of his monastery.

Moments with the minister — Made in His image

Have you ever noticed how much kids reflect their parents in word, deed, and of course looks? I have four girls, and each one looks like they have been brought forth from the same factory (and they have). Their appearance marks them when they stand next to me and my wife. They are Taylor girls, and I couldn’t deny them, even if I wanted to. Their personalities are very different.