KC and the Sunshine Band are returning to Choctaw

DURANT, Okla. — Break out those boogie shoes, KC and the Sunshine Band will be at Choctaw Casino in Durant on Sunday. Harry Wayne Casey, otherwise known as KC, said he is excited to return to Choctaw.

“It will be an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minute show full of high energy, fun music,” Casey said during a recent phone interview to discuss the show. He said fans can expect to hear all of the old hits including, “Boogie Shoes,” “Shake, Shake, Shake Shake Your Booty,” and “That’s the Way I Like it” along with some newer things from an upcoming album.

Casey said the new two-disc album is one part classic, from the 60s, along with some mixes of different types of rock and ballads mixed with electronic dance music. He said the reassurance of that type of music in dance clubs around the country emphasize that disco never really went anywhere, the name just changed to go along with the different generations of young people dancing to the sound.

“Whatever you call it, it is really disco music. It makes you feel good,” Casey said.

He said he loves that people associate his music with the good times in their lives, and he understands that because that is what he feels about them, too. When asked to pick his favorite, he said he can’t because they are all special to him.

“I wrote these songs to connect with life and with people. For them to still be played so much in sporting events, on television shows and in movies … it just validates everything that I did. It just builds up everything that the critics tried to tear down. It just validates how great those songs really are,” he said.

When asked what advice he would give young people who might want to enter the music business, Casey said there is really only one set of advice no matter what one wants to do in life.

“Just do whatever it is that you love,” he said. “If you can’t be at the top of the game … then just get in the game somewhere and work your way up from there.”

He said people should also always follow their hearts.

“Life,” he said, “is like a ladder and you don’t always have to take steps up. Sometimes it is OK to hold on a step, but don’t take steps down.”

Casey said he is happy to be holding onto a step that allows him to keep entertaining people with music that leaves them feeling good when they leave the show.

“I think I am at the top of my ladder. I don’t know what else could happen to me. I have reached a lot of my goals. I made it to the top of my ladder. I am in a good place and just content with my situation.”

Showtime Sunday for the band will be 8 p.m.