SCP names cast for ‘The Three Mustketeers’

Rehearsals are in full swing for The Three Musketeers, the Sherman Community Player’s third production of its 64th season.The play opens Feb. 1 at the Finley Theater in Sherman.

A cast of 21 local residents was chosen from the almost 70 who auditioned in October. The actors have been in fight rehearsals since the beginning of November in order to master the art of sword play and combat required for the production.

“This is an exciting time for SCP,” says Anthony Nelson, artistic director. “We have a great, diverse cast of people ranging in all ages. We have local folks who have never been in a play before and this is their inauguration and we also have some veteran players who the audiences have come to love, but also a handfull of Austin College students, as well as Grayson College students. And they are all working together, enthusiastically, to make this production a reality. This production is really going to be something different for the audience. The play is set in the 17th century, but we are stretching the imagination of the world and pushing towards a more sci-fi arena, exploring the genre called ‘steam punk.’ It’s making for a really hip production.”

Making up the cast are: Nicholas Tanner as D’Artagnan; Conner Skinner as Athos; David Gonier as Aramis; Ray Jernigen as Porthos; Jeffrey Hermann as Cardinal Richelieu; Rosanna Pilcher as Sabine; Megan McCullough as Milady; Ed Richardson as Rochefort; Sarah Wilhelm as Constance; Mike Hauber as Treville; Darrah Dunn as King Louis XII; Llona Nogarr as Queen Anne; Fred Freeman as the Duke of Buckingham; and Brad Jordan, Ryan Stoll, Matt Maxwell, Deborah Barrax, Pam Sanza, Lisa Hebert, Micaela Hoops, Karah Smoot, Chance Murphey and Chris Goldsmith as the ensemble/cardinal’s guards.

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