Clubs and Organizations

Sherman Duplicate Bridge Club

The Sherman Duplicate Bridge Club has sanctioned American Contract Bridge Leaguew games every Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30 p.m., at the Finley Cultdural Center. For more information, call David Haratyk at 903-868-8007 or visit

Results from last week’s game play were as follows:

Tuesday, north-south: 89.83 Mike Ralls-Patricia McCleese; 85.17 Roy Sparks-F Stoddard; 77.00 Truett Cates-Raymond Clark; and 62.42 John Davis-Bert Dempsey;

Tuesday east-west: 83.50 David and Frances Haratyk; 75.00 Frances Anderson-Doris Stubber; and 72.00 Kay and Robert Johnstone;

Thursday: 82.50 David and Frances Haratyk, Bonita Baker-David Reynolds; 73.00 J Brennan-Alan Scheibmeir; 71.00 Truett Cates-Raymond Clark; 69.00 Carmen Fish-Sue Money; and 68.00 John Davis-Patricia McCleese.

Mary Brown Paul Book Review Club

The Mary Brown Paul Book Review Club met Dec. 21 at The Library Grill. President Ann Webb led the business meeting.

Named to the nominating committee were Gerry Snipes, Karen Good and Karen Brennan. An additional committee consisting of Bobbye Stoolfire, Donna Bedgood and Missy Sofey Andrews was named to determine a project for funding from the club’s dues.

Diane Curren introduced Lana Caswell-Garcia who reviewed and compared two books under the title “Murder Most Foul.” The first book was Patricia Cornwall’s analysis of Jack the Ripper and the forensic evidence she believed proved him to be an actor and later an artist, Walter Richard Sickert. The second book was “Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson. During the same time period that Jack the Riper was active in London, Dr. H.H. Holmes moved to Chicago during the construction of the Chicago World’s Fair. Both gentlemen performed heinous crimes and although Jack the Ripper was never caught, Dr. Holmes was tried, found guilty, and executed. There were many correlations in the makeup of the two men.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 21, 2013.