Clubs and Organizations

Sherman Daybreak Toastmasters

The Sherman Daybreak Toastmasters met Jan. 3 with President Rodger Eppler leading the session.

Susie Sims was named as the best speaker, bringing “Slow And Steady Wins The Race.”

Reddy Jogireddygari led in Table Topics. Speakers were Sims who spoke on communication in the workplace, Walton who discussed communication in the organization, and Eppler who talked about the eradication of barriers to communication. Sims was named as the best Table Topics speaker.

Walton was named as the best evaluator.

Members will be attending the Toastmasters Leadership Institute on Jan. 19 at the University of Texas Dallas School of Management.

The next meeting will be at 6:30 a.m. at The Renaissance in Sherman. For more information, call Bob Bishop at 903-815-8788 or send an email to

Sherman Duplicate Bridge

The Sherman Duplicate Bridge Club holds sanctioned American Contract Bridge League games at 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday at the Finley Cultural Center in Sherman. For more information, go to or call David Haratyk at 903-868-8007.

Results from last week’s game play were as follows:

Tuesday: 69.00 David and Frances Haratyk; 61.88 Joyce Baumgart-David Reynolds; 60.19 Donna Hood-Edith Sanders and Gene and Judy Kincaid; and 54.56 Roy Sparks-F Stoddard;

Thursday, north-south: 80.50 David Haratyk-Gerrie Owen; 78.75 Frances Haratyk-Truett Cates and Gene and Judy Kincaid; and 68.25 Roy Sparks-F Stoddard;

Thursday east-west: 78.50 John Davis-Bert Dempsey and Polly Statham-Sue Money; 76.00 Frances Anderson-Mary Weiser; and 68.00 Joyce Baumgart-Doris Stubber.

Denison Rotary Club

Classification talks were held at last week’s Denison Rotary Club meeting. These talks are when several members speak about their chosen occupations, backgrounds, schooling, etc…, and are a requirement of the club by Rotary International.

Dr. Amin Mussani has been practicing audiology since 1990. He was born in Nirobi and grew up in the Caribbean. His father was a train engineer who transferred to Uganda and then the family became refugees to Canada. He earned his doctorate in Gainesville Florida. He noted that people start losing their hearing around age 30 and it slowly worsens through life.

Kris Spiegal came to Texomaland from Temple. He was formerly a contractor and is now in the insurance business. He first went to school at Texas A&M University. He started Quotions Solutions with a partner. He married a Denison woman and joined his father-in-law, Robert Hempkins, in the insurance business. He graduated from Baylor University with a bachelor of business administration degree.