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Red River Valley MVPA

The Red River Valley Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) will meet Thursday at the Feast on This Buffet in Sherman. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. and is open to the public.

The program will consist of a DVD about Korean War artillery and Korean-era vehicles.

For more information, call Gary Park at 903-870-0002.


Twenty youths plus four parents participated in the fourth annual Sewing Education Day, sponsored by the local ‘NStitches sewing group. The session was held at the Red River Cowboy Church.

‘NStitches members’ goal is not only to create household items and clothing, but to encourage an interest in fiber arts and crafts among local residents of all ages.

“We want these young people and their parents to learn basic sewing skills and to learn how much fun and how satisfying it is to create things. We believe learning to sew encourages people to interact with each other face-to-face rather than spending so much time on digital communication,” says Katherine Dean, long-time ‘NStitches member.

Both girls and boys have participated in the annual event each year. Activities include learning to operate sewing machines, embroidery machines and sergers, as well as to do simple hand-sewing with needle and thread. At the end of the day, the group had completed pillowcases, snap bags, neck pillows, decorated “gimme” caps with hand-made yo-yos, neck scarves and other small items.

Student participants were Kaylee Baker, Natalie Benneett, Brittany Butler, Adrianne Clark, Lucy Frazier, Lindsay Griffin, Kaytlyn Hensley, Tyler Holbrook, Bethanie Holt, Rory Madden, Maggie McLaren, Haley Perkins, Brady Reese, Hannah Scott, Shelby Smith, Amelia Stewart, Heather Stewart, Kelsey Stewart, Hannah Walker and Katherine Wood. Parents participating were Terry Baker, Michelle Holbrook, Nancy Ness and Angela Stewart.

Upon completion of the day’s activites. prize drawings were held. Maggie McLaren won a sewing machine, and Hannah Scott won an embroidery machine.

Members teaching the group were Marge Abernethy, Jane Bateman, Billie Balknap, Gayle Bowers, Carol Crawford, Katherine Dean, Marjorie Folsche, Dorothy Fowler, Martha Harralson, Susan Holt, Zee Judkins, Julie Keel, Dorothy Lee, April Lymer, Pam Madden, Cloris Martin, Shellee McLaren, Donna Park, Jeannette Pirtle, Mary Swanton, Juanita Thomas, Sheryl Vaughn, Etta Wilkerson and Bonnie Wyatt.