History April 23


April 23, 1952

Favorites have been chosen by the freshman class at Bells High School. Dean Wortham has been chosen most beautiful girl and Jerry Jernigan was voted most handsome boy. Other students selected are Susie Cunninghham and James Vineyard, most popular; Ganella Washburn and Tommy Turner, wittiest; Sarah Booth and Edward Stanley, most athletic; Angileth DuLaney and Bobby Fletcher, most studious; Gussie Robbins and Donald Halliburton, most friendly; Patsy McCollough and Carl Cherry, best all round; and Patsy Chandler and Pat Templeton, most representative.


April 23, 1962

Christmas came early this year for Sherman postal employees. In fact, it came last Monday when the Sherman Post Office began operation from its new air-conditioned building at Mulberry and Elm. And, down to a man, the employees are as tickled with the building as a kid is with a new toy at Christmas. There seems to be a never-ending list of advantages they can name. Perhaps the major item is the space. Moving from their cramped quarters in the Federal Building, the postal employees almost have a feeling they are in the great outdoors. The working space in the new structure totals about 18,000 square feet, almost three times that in the department’s former home.


April 23, 1972

LITTLE MINERAL, Lake Texoma — A tornado which ripped through this community about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday demolished six trailer houses, two boat houses and uprooted trees in the area. There were no injuries resulting from the storm which also damaged 12 to 15 trailer homes and tore awnings off houses.


April 23, 1982

POTTSBORO — For years, G.W. (Dub) Brown tried to convince oilmen that there was a lot of that bubbly crude under the ground on his 700acre farm seven miles southwest of Pottsboro. Just two weeks before he died on March 17, 1977, he finally leased his land for $50 an acre with a dollar an acre renewal. “I know he was happy that he leased the land, but he would be even happier if he were alive today to know that his belief that there was oil here had been vindicated,” his widow, Bernice said today. The well that American Quaser Petroleum Co. Of Fort Worth brought in is the biggest oil well ever completed in Grayson County’s history, flowing 1,148 barrels of oil per day.


April 23, 1992

Mr. Baseball. That is the title teammates have pinned on Howe Bulldogs senior pitcher/ first baseman Chris Garner. Statistically, he fits the bill. After a junior season that included two no-hitters on the mound and a .400-plus batting average, and an equally impressive season so far this year, an exclusive nickname seems only natural. Already this season, he has posted seven consecutive victories on the mound, one of which ended in a no-hitter. At the plate, Garner is just as proficient, currently hitting .474 while driving in 18 runs. Of his 27 hits, 15 have been for extra bases. He has four home runs, five triples and six doubles.