Brewing up a crowd to taste the results

“Brew it and they will come” might not be a line a from a famous movie, but it sure fit a tasting party held by 903 Brewers Saturday afternoon in Sherman.

Jeremy and Natalie Roberts opened the doors to their new business venture and allowed the public to come in and have a taste of a product the couple hopes could become as big as Shiner’s.

“Its gone off really really well. We are are really excited about the turnout we have had,” said Natalie Roberts, one half of a couple determined to bring micro brewing to the community in a big way. “I think we had over 200 people, so we ran out of cups and we are running out of beer now.”

She said because of the holiday weekend, she anticipated they might get around 100 people at their tasting event. “We way surpassed that,” she said.

Along with those extra folks, the couple also got extra input about their product.

“We gave everyone a comment card and had everyone fill it out and tell us what they thought about each beer, and we collected those. We are going to pour over them and read every single one of them and just make some notes and see what it is that people like or don’t like,” she said.

When asked which beer seemed to be getting the most positive feedback, Natalie Roberts had a sweet answer.

“A lot of people said that they liked the Whopper Stout, which is a stout beer brewed with Whopper candy in it.”

She said they anticipate ordering the equipment that will take them into mass production within the next couple of months. It will take about six months to arrive in Sherman. So, she said, by late spring or early summer Whopper Stout and other varieties produced at 903 Brewers could find its way into local refrigerators.

“We want to produce beers that the community is going to love,” she said, noting the community support the couple has experienced has been appreciated.