Collinsville student wins breeding beef competition

A total of 58 entries made up the 2012 breeding beef heifer competition at the Texoma Exposition & Livestock Show. Judging this year’s show was Branden Callis. Show director was Bill Dyer and superintendent was Jeff Youree. Committee members were Rusty Turner, Billy Dusenberry and Ronald Blum. Ring stewards included Ricky Brinlee and Damon Motley.

Winning the supreme champion spot was Jess Carney, a Collinsville FFA member, with his shorthorn entry. Earning the supreme reserve champion prize was a Maine Anjou entry by Braeden Pittman, Whitewright FFA. Results - first through third places -by breed and class are listed below, along with breed champions and reserves.


Class 2: Brooke Blum, Howe FFA; Cash Little, Bells FFA; Cash Little, Bells FFA; and Kasey Hamilton, Collinsville 4-H;

Class 3: Kristin Tucker, Pottsboro FFA; and Kelsey Hill, Denison FFA;

Angus Champion: Brooke Blum, Howe FFA;

Angus Reserve Champion: Cash Little, Bells FFA;


Class 2: Hannah Lawson, Howe FFA;

Class 3: Elizabeth Corbin, Howe FFA, first and second;

Charolais Champion and Reserve Champion: Elizabeth Corbin, Howe FFA;


Class 2: Thomas Smith, Pottsboro FFA; and Caitlyn Smith, Pottsboro FFA;

Class 3: Morgan Sinor, Whitewright FFA;

Chianina Champion: Morgan Sinor, Whitewright FFA;

Chianina Reserve Champion: Thomas Smith, Pottsboro FFA;


Class 1: Cara Powers, Bells FFA; Justin Wilson, Van Alstyne FFA; and Nathan Patterson, Collinsville FFA;

Class 2: Ryan Neill, Whitewright 4-H; and Christa McCollum, Whitwright 4-H;

Class 4: Alexa Holloway, Tom Bean FFA;

Class 6: Will Holloway, Tom Bean FFA;

Cross Champion: Cara Powers, Bells FFA;

Cross Reserve Champion: Ryan Neill, Whitewright 4-H;


Class 2: Colton Foster, Bells FFA; Dakota Meeks, Whitesboro FFA; and Lauren Cockrill, Bells FFA;

Class 3: Ella Haney, Denison FFA;

Hereford Champion: Colton Foster, Bells FFA;

Hereford Reserve Champion: Dakota Meeks, Whitesboro FFA;

Maine Anjou

Class 2: Braeden Pittman, Whitewright FFA; Sarah Baca, Sherman FFA; and Gracie Lankford, Howe FFA;

Class 3: Michael Lake, Tom Bean FFA; and Garrett Ragan, Bells FFA;

Class 6: Sierra Cate, Whitewright FFA;

Maine Anjou Champion: Braeden Pittman, Whitewright FFA;

Maine Anjou Reserve Champion: Sarah Baca, Sherman FFA;


Class 2: Preston Lawrence, Pottsboro FFA;

Class 5: Kaylie Hendricks, Denison FFA;

ORB Champion: Preston Lawrence, Pottsboro FFA;

ORB Reserve Champion: Kaylie Hendricks, Denison FFA;

Polled Hereford

Class 1: John Massey, Gunter FFA;

Class 2: Dalton Cleveland, Pottsboro FFA; John Massey, Gunter FFA; and Dakota Meeks, Whitesboro FFA;

Class 3: Jessica Massey, Gunter FFA; Dalton Cleveland, Pottsboro FFA; and Bethany Rodamer, Gunter FFA;

Polled Hereford Champion: Jessica Massey, Gunter FFA;

Polled Hereford Reserve Champion: Dalton Cleveland, Pottsboro FFA;

Red Angus

Class 2: Jessie Zimmer, Whitewright 4-H; and Christa McCollum, Whitewright 4-H;

Class 5: Garette Griffin, Howe FFA;

Red Angus Champion: Garette Griffin, Howe FFA;

Red Angus Reserve Champion: Jessie Zimmer, Whitewright 4-H;


Class 1: Lydia Cates, Collinsville FFA;

Class 2: Garrison Davis, Sherman FFA; and Cameron Fallon, Denison 4-H;

Class 3: Jess Carney, Collinsville FFA; Victoria Osburn, Gunter FFA; and Braeden Pittman, Whitewright FFA;

Class 5: Cameron Fallon, Denison 4-H; and Hunter Simco, Gunter FFA;

Class 6: Chris Holliday, Sherman FFA;

Shorthorn Champion: Jess Carney, Collinsville FFA;

Shorthorn Reserve Champion: Cameron Fallon, Denison 4-H;


Class 2: Kassidy Anderson, Denison FFA;

Class 3: Reid Russell, Whitesboro FFA;

Class 5: Makensie Anderson, Denison FFA;

Class 6: Cheyenne Cate, Whitewright FFA;

Simmental Champion: Makensie Anderson, Denison FFA;

Simmental Reserve Champion: Reid Russell, Whitesboro FFA

Best Pen of 3: Howe FFA;


Junior: Alexa Holloway, first; and Kaitlyn Smith, second;

Intermediate: Christa McCollum, first; Thomas Smith, second, and Cameron Fallon, third;

Senior: Brooke Blum, first; Victoria Osburn, second; and Colton Foster, third.