Denison ZBAA grants variances

The Denison Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals signed-off on three variance requests during its meeting Tuesday.

The first request was for the owner of 305 W. Acheson St. to convert his single car garage into a room. Much of the work has already been done. Planning and Zoning Director Faye Brockett said owner Dale Neu had a building permit for the work, but the building department appears to have overlooked the fact that the plan called for enclosing the garage, which is against the ordinance.

Board member Charles Shearer pointed out that the drawing that was included with the original permit application notes changes to the garage. Member David Keese added that a hardship exists based upon the fact that the garage is too small to fit many modern cars, something that Brockett told the Board in her staff report.

The Board also approved a variance for the owner of 2812 Ray Drive to build a 1200-square-foot metal building behind his house to use as a workshop and storage. The city’s ordinance only allows metal accessory buildings up to 240 square feet. Both Shearer and Keese said it is a unique situation since the building is so far from the property lines — 35 feet and 70 feet. Additionally there was no objection from the neighboring property owners.

Finally, the Board approved a variance to allow the owner of 502 Forrest Lane to build an underground storm shelter six inches from the from the house’s foundation. Brockett said the city’s ordinance considers storm shelters to be accessory buildings and requires them to be 10 feet from the main building.