Grayson College Board picks president

Grayson County College’s Board of Trustees took two hours Wednesday night to select Bonham native Dr. Jeremy McMillen as the school’s next president. Current GC President Alan Scheibmeir is retiring this summer.

Trustee Ralph Jones has helped pick the last four GC presidents and said he was pleased with the choice Wednesday. “We listened to all of the candidates. They were all qualified and they all did a great job. He did an excellent job also and it was just a unanimous decision that he was the person that we want to be the president of this college,” Jones said.

When asked what it has been like to pick four presidents for the college, Jones said, “It is just encouraging and it’s awesome. This is a great place and … Mr. McMillen is so excited to come here and we are excited to have him.”

Janet Gott currently serves as president of the Board of Trustees. However, she is the newest member of that Board. Most other members of the Board have picked at least one other president for the college. When asked what it was like to helm the board during the selection process, Gott said, “It was very nerve wracking. I felt a tremendous responsibility to find the right candidates for this college and for our community. It was a unanimous decision.” When asked if there was any one thing that led the group to pick McMillen, Gott said, “He had experience in a variety of positions that we felt like gave him an edge. He was very energized and articulate and just all in all he was just a very well rounded candidate.”

McMillen earned his doctorate in Higher Education at Texas A&M University in Commerce. In his current position at Trinity Valley, he oversees all of the transfer faculty at the institution and a team of division chairs. He is also in charge of all of the duel credit courses for the school.

In a letter attached to his application for the job at Grayson, McMillen wrote, “I am passionate about the community college mission! The power of having obtained an education is omnipresent in my daily life as I am the first person in my family to earn a degree.” He said his mother, wife, sisters and cousins have all obtained degrees at Grayson.”

He said as president, he envisions building upon GC’s past success by bringing passionate educators together in a collaborative working environment.

Scheibmeir led the college for 16 years and oversaw the completion of more than $44 million in renovations and the addition of a Van Alstyne campus.