Police reports

Grayson County S.O.

Update — A deputy arrested Bobby Dale Rushing on four warrants charging him with burglary. The arrest was made in Denison, reported Sgt. Rickey Wheeler. Last week, Sherman police asked the public’s help in locating Rushing, who was a named suspect on the warrants which Sherman PD had obtained, each charging him with burglary of coin-operated machines. Van Alstyne Police Chief Tim Barnes said at the time, that agency would also be charging Rushing as a suspect in several similar burglaries. Denison police Lt. Mike Eppler confirmed he was also a person of interest in that city as well. The suspect remains in jail on warrants that charge him with theft over $1,500 with two or more previous convictions. His bail is set at a total of $80,000.

Assault arrest — June 30, Deputy Dusty Wainscott. Wainscott responded to a home in the Sadler area because of a disturbance between girlfriend and boyfriend. It was the father of the victim who called, saying his daughter had been assaulted. Wainscott spoke first with the suspect who said he and his girlfriend had argued over a receipt she found in his truck. The argument grew until he threw his truck keys at her. He said he didn’t mean to hit her, but they hit her in the back of the head. She pushed him and they argued some more. Then he told the deputy, according to the report, he “blacked out” and tackled her. The suspect said he was sorry, but just so angry he could not think straight. The deputy jailed him on a charge of assault-family violence, and the suspect, age 32, posted $1,500 bail Sunday in surety bonds.

Assault and arrest, ICE detainer added — July 1, Deputy Dusty Wainscott. Again, Wainscott was dispatched to investigate a fight between husband and wife, this time called to the Whitesboro police station, where the victim was waiting. Dispatch told him the victim did not speak English, but they would have a translator ready on scene to help take her report.

Through the translator, the victim said she and her husband argued while driving back from Sherman with their four children inside the truck. It began over a text message. He first, she said, threatened to hit her once they reached their house. Then he took off his belt and struck her across the arms while she was driving. She drove to the police station, got herself and her children out, and stood outside the police station door until he drove off.

The deputy noted there were several red marks across the victim’s arms. He called the suspect, who agreed to meet him at the police station. With the help of the translator, the suspect gave his account of the situation, which included information that he struck his wife with the belt. Wainscott jailed him on a charge of assault causing injury-family violence, to which bail was set at $2,500. Since then, the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has placed a hold on the suspect, and he remains in Grayson County Jail.