Kingston man may face capital punishment

MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. — A Kingston, Okla., man pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning to murder and larceny charges in connection with three deaths in July. One of the people killed was former Denison resident AshLeigh Marie Lindsey.

Joshua Scott, 22, entered the plea during his formal arraignment and is being held without bond. He is charged with first degree murder and larceny.

Previous reports show that law enforcement authorities say Scott killed Chad Page, a 29-year-old Lebanon, Okla., resident, and stole his car on July 12. Scott then picked up his roommate, Joshua Mahaffey on July 13. The two then allegedly drove to Marshall County and a home where they believed they would find Mahaffey’s estranged girlfriend, Ms. Lindsey. Court records show that Ms. Lindsey had taken out a protective order against Mahaffey and previous reports show she had repeatedly moved and changed her phone number to try to get away from him.

Witnesses at a court hearing held in December said Mahaffey shot Ms. Lindsey before turning the gun on himself. He died of his injuries at the house and Ms. Lindsey was taken to a Plano hospital where she and her unborn child both died.

Scott allegedly fled the house but was soon taken into custody by a Marshall County deputy.