Denison teachers head back to school

Denison teachers and educational para-professionals got their official start back to school on Monday and were welcomed at the annual Back-to-School Breakfast.

“I’m wishing you guys a great school year,” said Superintendent Henry Scott. “We’re so blessed to be in a profession where every day we have a chance to change people’s lives and our expectation is, you’ll do that. It’s our duty and responsibility to make sure every child learns.”

Nicki Ross, a special education para-professional with the district, said it’s that responsibility — though she seemed to consider it more of an opportunity — that gets her excited about coming back to school. ” She said she enjoys “watching them (the students) leave. That may sound funny; if they’re leaving, they’re growing.”

Sixth grade English teacher Ruth Rowley said she’s excited about a “new year, new expectations.” She explained that when sixth graders come into her classroom, they are new to junior high, excited and ready to learn. She said that is why she enjoys teaching and teaching that age.

Ross and Rowley’s excitement seemed to be shared by all the educators in the room as they anxiously discussed their plans for the coming year and generally caught up in conversation with their peers. “Nobody’s had a bite, everybody’s just talking,” Rowley said.

Scott praised the teachers and their passion, calling DISD the best district in the state with its eye on taking the national title.

Denison Area Chamber of Commerce Board Chairwoman Shelle Cassell also offered her own praise for those at the breakfast. Referencing recent announcements of business expansion in Denison, Cassell told those at the breakfast that they play an important role in that success.

“When I look at the faces across this room, every one of you is a part of ‘Team Denison,’” said Denison Mayor Jared Johnson, borrowing a phase he’s used during several business announcements recently. “As we look to make Denison a place where we want to live, and work, and play, and educate, you guys play a huge role in what ‘Team Denison’ looks like.”